3D Greentree's Workplace Revolution

Feb 05, 2014
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Presenting Greentree 3D, setting new standards for user-friendliness and personal productivity with a stunning array of visual enhancements and a host of new capabilities.Peter_Dickinson_CEO_Greentree_International

At the heart of 3D is Workflow, Greentree’s hugely successful active desktop that offers businesses a unique and comprehensive view of all their daily activities. 3D adds new depths and layers to Workflow with an enhancement we call 3D Live.

Think of it like the heads-up visual display, first developed for fighter pilots so they could view key data without having to look down at their instruments. Users can pre-define which pieces of information they want to see, and they’ll open automatically. Time-consuming data searches are a thing of the past.

Seeing is believing – watch a video demo of 3D Live in action.


Greentree has made its mark in the tough business software market, consistently beating bigger rivals by delivering innovative, robust and affordable systems for the medium-sized enterprises that are the heart of any economy.

“We’ve revolutionised business software by making flexibility a core factor of Greentree,” explains CEO Peter Dickinson. “Not only does it expand with the business as it grows – it’s hugely configurable, to meet a company’s special requirements.

“It’s also a fully integrated solution. All the various components – be they Financials, CRM, Job Cost, HR & Payroll, etc – all communicate seamlessly with each other. That resolves a major frustration for businesses. Disparate systems that don’t interact can be a nightmare, but Greentree removes those barriers.”


But that’s not all; Greentree 3D also includes a world-leading business security product – Greentree Secure. It’s especially geared for today’s world of electronic commerce, providing not only reliable live data backups, but offering (in its premier version, Instant Secure) a hot-switch duplicate of the business’s entire system that can be up and running in minutes, allowing full operations to resume with minimal downtime. Greentree Secure can operate on-premise, in the cloud, or in a combination of both – whatever the business requires.

3D incorporates a huge range of new functionality, including Greentree’s Warehouse Management suite, Mobile platforms and WebView publishing engine, along with many other extensions to our existing product range. You’ll find more details here.

And while all this was going on, it occurred to us that business desktops don’t need to be dull. Most of our competitors opt for Boring Blue, so we created Greentree Technicolour, offering two bright new shades: Audacious Orange and New Blue.

With its latest developments, Greentree cements its place as a provider of solutions that help make companies smarter, more competitive, and primed for business.