Greentree Has Your Business Covered

Aug 13, 2015
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Wholesale & Distribution Challenges

import-wholesale1If your business sits in wholesale and distribution, you might well be looking back with envy on earlier years when the industry wasn’t quite so challenging. And at Endeavour, we understand exactly what you’re going through. With a sizeable proportion of our clients operating in your sector, we understand the unique concerns that New Zealand wholesale and distribution companies are facing right now. From new demands online ordering, faster sales processes and more accurate purchase tracking - to the damaging limitations of out-dated finance, distribution, and inventory management systems.

A Solution Designed With You In Mind

Many software solutions promise to solve these problems but, the majority are either designed for large-scale enterprises (and hence expensive) or built for small business (and therefore limited in functionality). Few are specifically suited to the needs of mid-sized businesses and even fewer have that innate understanding of the New Zealand market displayed by home-grown success story, Greentree. Globally, Greentree's ERP software is a proven performer with wholesale and distribution businesses. Designed to help mid-sized businesses be more nimble, take on new challenges and open new markets with limited budgets, this cost-effective business software provides wide and deep functionality and, is a breeze to implement, deploy and maintain.


Significant Time & Cost Savings

Endeavour Solutions NZ - Partner of the Year 2015As Greentree’s ‘Partner Of The Year’ for the past three years, the team at Endeavour Solutions knows just how effective Greentree can be. With this smart ERP software, we’ve helped businesses just like yours to make significant time and cost savings, while increasing profits and putting their companies in the fast lane to success. Greentree ERP is the solution that has every aspect of your business covered, both now and in the future, enabling you to maximise returns in real time, from any location. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at our wholesale & distribution ERP success stories and hear what your peers in the industry have to say.


HydroFlow: Better Stock Control hydroflow-hr



HydroFlow distributes a wide range of plumbing hardware throughout New Zealand. As the company has expanded over the years, its accounting and data requirements grew significantly until financial controller, Les Young, decided it had finally outgrown its incumbent package, Attache. He looked at alternatives including Exonet and Exchequer, but eventually settled on Greentree. “It was the best fit for our business, with additional features that the others didn’t have,” he says. Learn how Greentree enabled Hydroflow to gain better stock control, handle large data files and enjoy an easier flow of information across the company.


Maria’s Pasta: More Efficient Sales Processesmarias-pasta-logo



Since 1989 Maria’s Pasta had relied on CBA to manage financial and distribution data, but growth dictated the need for a new system – and for General Manager, Paul Italiao, Greentree beat the competition hands down: “The system, unlike many others I looked at, was flexible enough to fit around us, rather than the other way round. It’s offered us improvements and efficiencies, without forcing us to re-engineer.” Those improvements ultimately included the introduction of genuine information mobility, enhanced inventory and pricing processes - and dramatically more efficient sales processes. Find out why Paul credits Greentree with empowering him and his team to keep their finger on the pulse of the business, more than we ever could in the past.”


Seadan Security & Electronics: Connected Sales Reps seadan-security-electronics-logo


Seadan sales representatives use to carry laptops on the road but couldn’t always get online, hindering their ability to give on the spot quotes or lodge orders. Instead, they wasted valuable time entering data back at the office. So when Seadan co-founder Ian Harris was offered a trial of Greentree’s Mobile Sales Management suite, he didn’t hesitate. Today, Greentree puts information in the hands of Seadan sales reps wherever they are. “This solution is going to change the way we do business,” Ian says, and he’s expecting to make money off the mobile system in the long term. “We wouldn’t be buying the solution if we didn’t believe it was going to pay for itself. We are expecting a return on investment within 9 months.” Learn more, and find out how Ian expects Greentree’s Mobile Suite to increase efficiency by 20%.


Technika: An Integrated, Enterprise-Wide Solutiontechnika_logo


Historically Technika had been handled by a system designed chiefly for point of sale, but experiencing growth and being importers and distributors, they needed much more. So new Financial Controller, Trevor Porter began to search not just for an integrated, enterprise-wide system with comprehensive performance, but also for a flexible system delivery partner to handle the implementation and support. He found exactly what he needed with Endeavour and Greentree: “Endeavour have worked closely with us to maximize the benefits of the integration capabilities of Greentree, I find it absolutely magnificent as far as reports go and, also for direct costing!” Find out why Trevor is now such a huge proponent of Greentree…and Endeavour!