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Mar 27, 2015
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We’d like to share some news about the thrilling times ahead for Endeavour Solutions - and a new adventure for one member of the Endeavour management team! After many years at the helm of Endeavour, Chris Miller is taking up the challenge of starting a new branch overseas.

chris-millerWith some previous success in Australia, the business felt that the opportunity to try another territory was the most appropriate next step in our growth. This particular opportunity has arisen as a result of our software partner Greentree enjoying early success with their introduction into the United Kingdom, and Endeavour making the bold decision to set up an office in London to support their success - and to continue to grow our Greentree operation overseas.



Passing the Baton

Chris founded what was later to become Endeavour Solutions, in 1986. Since then, as the different operations have developed, he’s replaced himself in many roles within the business and is now passing on his role in charge of the New Zealand operation. Consequently, we’re delighted to announce that a new appointment has been made and one of the Directors, Tim Ryley, has taken on the role as CEO for Endeavour New Zealand, effective 1st January 2015. [Insert link to Tim’s blog]. Tim has been in charge of the main sales and operations of the business for some time now, and is ready to take on the reins for the whole operation.





Chris has been working with Greentree since its inception 15 years ago and is very excited by the new release of Greentree4, which has created this great opportunity for Endeavour to leverage the success of a new technology. For Chris and his wife Sharon, this was an opportunity to take on yet another challenge and also a chance to see how the other side of the world operates. With 60million people on a small island, mostly speaking a language quite similar to Kiwi (!) the territory couldn’t be better placed to launch a new branch. The challenges and opportunities for businesses are much the same the world over and Chris will be looking to take a Kiwi approach to offering solutions for UK businesses, hoping it will meet with success!

It’s expected that Chris will spend 2 to 3 years building up the UK business to a level where he can find a replacement and return to head office in New Zealand. While 2 years seems like a long time it will probably fly by, but Chris does highlight how much he’s going to miss the clients that he knows so well and deals with so often, even though he knows he’s leaving them in excellent hands.

Future Growth

This growth opportunity fits in well with Endeavour’s plans to continue extending its operations year on year, and with the exciting new software being delivered by Greentree. The UK will be a whole new experience for Chris, but his long history with Greentree will no doubt stand him in great stead and give him a flying start when it comes to looking at UK businesses’ challenges and introducing them to some truly effective solutions.

Please join us in congratulating Chris and Tim on their respective new appointments, and in wishing Chris and Sharon all the best on their exciting new adventure.


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