Building tomorrow's workforce with Dynamics AX

Jul 31, 2014
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How can New Zealand businesses find, attract and keep the best of tomorrow’s talent? In today’s global market, many local companies are facing a David and Goliath situation, increasingly having to compete with multinationals for the same pool of skilled workers. And when you do succeed in attracting the right individuals, then comes the challenge of keeping them engaged enough not to be seduced by a competitor’s promises.

The Engagement Challenge

Last year, Gallup released the results of a two-year survey that revealed more than 60% of New Zealand respondents to be "not engaged", i.e. uninspired, lacking in motivation and just “doing enough” to meet their job requirements. Such low levels of employee engagement make it tricky to hold on to valuable talent, or to attract them in the first place - because, on top of all this, New Zealand companies are facing an emerging workforce, unlike anything they’ve seen before.

The Emerging Millennial Workforce

There has always been a generational gap between senior management and the new faces they hire, but ‘millennials’ have a whole new set of expectations and demands. They are the first generation to have grown up always connected and always on-line – and they want a similarly intuitive experience at work. When these tech-savvy young candidates walk into your interview room, they’re as likely to be interviewing you, as much as you are interviewing them.

So, what’s the answer? How do you proactively manage and develop today’s workforce while simultaneously attracting the bright, tech-savvy people that will help drive your business into tomorrow? At Endeavour, we know that when you match the right technology to the right organisation, great things can happen. That’s why we’re proud to have selected Microsoft Dynamics AX to meet the business needs of our medium to large sized clients.

Securing the right people

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a smart, flexible business solution that uses technology to transform organisations into dynamic businesses that people will want to work for. It’s also one of the few leading ERP systems that provide optional end-to-end HCM features, enabling organisations to confidently manage and improve employee lifecycles – from recruitment and acquisition to skills mapping, training, and performance management.securing

Dynamics AX provides powerful, user-friendly tools that streamline the talent acquisition process and empower organisations to consistently recruit the right people for the right roles. It’s a solution that will also enable your organisation to develop the kind of modern, engaging working environment that will attract skilled individuals to join your company rather than opt for a competitor.

Keeping people on board

Dynamics AX provides modern, fast and familiar apps and platforms that even the most connected millennial will want to use. Your employees will enjoy a fully integrated and intuitive working environment that fosters engagement, encourages collaboration and innovation and allows them to develop their full potential. Just the sort of day-to-day experience that people won’t want to leave behind.

Simply put, Dynamics AX makes people’s working lives a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. With Role Centers specifically designed to help people organise, prioritise, and access tasks and information from within a single window – and a familiar Microsoft look and feel - your people will be happily using cutting-edge tools and apps in no time.

At Endeavour, we know it can be a challenge to develop working environments that meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding workforce. But with a little expert advice and support from us, we’ll show you how Dynamics AX can help you do just that.

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