Strong business decisions for Wholesalers through ERP

Mar 04, 2016
Written by
May 26, 2015

Anna Rizio


Understanding the true value ERP Software can deliver to a wholesale business is vitally important in today's ever changing world. This month I have taken a look at the food and beverage industry as a whole and summarised the key industry trends.

Understanding the factors motivating other wholesalers to invest in systems such as Greentree's ERP Software is crucial when making product decisions.

A brief summary of the specific technology points designed to revolutionise businesses within the Food and Beverage Industry, raised in my article are the following:

- Strong business decisions made through insight provided by ERP systems and the visibility they deliver.

- Offering business intelligence as a support to human intelligence where and when your staff need it including mobile options in the warehouse for example

- Increases in accuracy to perform functions like stock costing

- Automation of crucial daily tasks to improve efficiency and controlling the mass numbers of customer payment cycles

- Flexibility in the system to take advantage of the industry's fast moving taste and trends

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Anna Rizio, Sales and Consulting Director at Endeavour Solutions has been an expert in business process systems and business intelligence in the food and beverage industry for over twenty years. Combining her industry knowledge regarding requirements and future trends with her solid understanding of the right software Anna is best placed to help businesses make sustainable decisions in their software purchases. Endeavour solutions' business services include consultation, implementation, training, upgrades, maintenance and business intelligence reporting of the ERP system Greentree.