Think you can’t afford ERP? Think again!

Sep 23, 2011
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Sensible companies implement ERP systems when they understand the return on investement the system will provide their business.  Working out the ways an ERP system can help your business make more profit by operating more effectively is fundamental to making the right decision.   The purchase of your ERP system will involve up front capital expenditure, then an amount of ongoing operational costs each year to maintain and operate the application.

Some companies also work out that they are better off funding the purchase of their ERP system from external sources, spreading the payments required over a time period where the benefits of the software  are achieved. Traiditional finance sources are often reluctant to finance IT investments for their clients.

The benefit of using someone else’s money for this investment can  include:

  • Tax deductible  payments spread over time
  • Effective management of cash flow and assets.
  • Being able to buy the full suite rather than implement in phases and accure more benefits more quickly
  • Can include scheduled software upgrades; ensure asset is up to date.
  • Fixed payments allowing certainty around planning and budgeting

Endeavour can provide this ability, as we are partners with Telecom Rentals Limited. For the last two years, Telecom Rentals have enabled many clients to implement the technology required to support the growth of their business.

Telecom Rentals Limited (TRL) was established in 2006, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Telecom NZ Group with a Standard & Poor’s single ‘A’ credit rating.

Some of the solutions that they can offer to support your system implementation with Endeavour are:

  • Delayed repayment start dates; that allow time for the system to be fully implemented and deployed.
  • Scaled payment models; that gradually increase to the full monthly amount as the project progresses.
  • Incorporation of annual maintenance fees into a flat monthly cost over the term of the agreement.

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