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Sep 21, 2015
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The difference is in the delivery!

Spring is here and there are more exciting changes on the horizon for Endeavour Solutions! It’s been a wonderfully busy 6 months for us, with Chris Miller setting sail to take up the challenge of launching a new Endeavour branch in the United Kingdom – while here at home, Director Tim Ryley stepped into the role of CEO for Endeavour New Zealand. And just as our great software solutions continue to grow along with your needs – so too does the Endeavour team! Over that same 6-month period, we’ve welcomed a host of new faces to Endeavour, growing our capacity and our capability to provide you and your team with even better service, support and advice.

And to round off all these changes, we’re delighted to announce that the Endeavour Auckland team will soon be moving from its Eden Terrace office to a new improved location. From Monday 21st September, you’ll find the whole Auckland team at 8 Cleveland Road, Parnell. Phone numbers and emails won’t be changing, though, so you’ll have no problem getting hold of us. We’d love to see you at our new home soon, so keep an eye out for our next Endeavour event and we’ll show you around our new pad!

And from our news – to industry news: we’ve got 4 great blog posts for you this issue…

The Birth of Information Mobility

Smart’ connected technology has affected nearly every aspect of our lives.
Today’s user-friendly business solutions mean that managers, sales teams and remote workers have the opportunity to collect, share and analyse real-time data whenever and wherever they might need to.

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Wholesale and Distribution: Facing New Challenges


In the fast-moving industry of wholesale and distribution, companies are facing an increasingly challenging operational environment.
Technological advances have intensified global competition and unleashed a rise in online ordering – and this, in turn, has heightened client expectations for wider choice, rapid fulfilment and ever lower prices.

To

The 7 Most Common ERP Mistakes

Road travelled

The problem is that ERP systems have become victims of their own success.

Organisations see the potential to drive business, increase efficiency and help people work faster and smarter – but in their haste to take that leap forward, they often fall at the very first hurdle: implementation.

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The  P's of Productive Meetings

pea pod

I know that meetings get a bad rap. People hate them. They think that meetings are gigantic wastes of time.
It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, if you want to become a great company, you have to hold productive meetings if you want to achieve results.

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