Electronically streamlining the AP process with eDocs a game-changer for FFP Canterbury

Sep 19, 2018
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Accounts payable. Invoicing. The end-of-month process dreaded by many business owners. With MYOB Greentree, Endeavour can offer a solution that makes a previously dull and time-consuming set of tasks not only a great deal faster, but will also:

  • Streamline your AP and invoicing processes
  • Reduce errors
  • Make life a lot easier for your Accounts Manager and staff.

The majority of businesses receive their invoices via email, but they're often printed out anyway, so any additional notes can be added manually. It's then physically taken to someone else for approval, and then returned. The eDocs module in MYOB Greentree eliminates this hassle. Everything can be done electronically, meaning the process becomes more streamlined, faster, and reduces the risk of error.

Endeavour implemented the eDocs feature into the MYOB Greentree solution for our client  FFP Canterbury. They launched in the 1980s as a nationwide fire protection group, and have since grown to become the premiere provider of fire systems in Canterbury and the West Coast with over 100 staff. As well as installation of fire alarms and sprinkler systems, FFP provides building compliance and industry training.  Branches exist in Christchurch and Timaru, with agents operating in Hanmer Springs and on the West Coast.

"We'd been looking at ways of reducing the amount of paper that flies around the office," says Wendy Roulston, FFP Accounts Manager. "An online solution was the answer for that."

The eDocs feature replaces the need to print invoices from a business' suppliers, and instead allows a business to electronically import them into Greentree. It pulls all the data off the invoice, which can then be checked and sent on for approval.

AP ProcessFlows

Wendy’s staff create each payable invoice in Greentree and then sends them out to the relevant people in their approvals process. The invoice appears on their desktop as an item they need to review, check and approve. "It not only saves a huge amount of time, it also provides visibility of where an invoice is at," Wendy explains. "When you've got a paper copy of something, and you give it to someone to approve but it's not theirs, and it gets passed on again, it's easy to get lost. The person who's trying to reconcile it has no idea where it's got to. eDocs means we don't have that hassle anymore, we can see instantly where an invoice is."

eDocs is a highly utilised and mature function of Greentree. Endeavour has implemented it for several customers, and it best suits a business that has a large number of Accounts Payable invoices to handle, that all have to go through a full approvals process. Eliminating the paper trail is not only environmentally friendly, but it is a huge time saver in terms of filing and manual handling. Not only that, it also means less chance of mistakes.

This is especially important if a business has multiple sites, as FFP does. With offices in Timaru and Christchurch, FFP have been able to reduce the amount of time it takes to get an AP invoice through the approvals process. "It's really a great solution for businesses with more than one site," says Wendy. "You don't have to worry about invoices being scanned and couriered and possibly lost."

As a business owner, or an Accounts Manager, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have a large number of supplier invoices - over 2,000?
  • Are you sick of using paper files with the time it takes to move them around the approvals process?
  • Do you need better storage, so invoices can be accessed instantly?
  • Is your business spread over multiple sites?
  • Do you have a desire to modernise the way you work?

Using eDocs means that not only is the approvals process faster and more streamlined, but that anyone can access a particular invoice and see which stage of the approvals process it’s at. You can see who's reviewed it, and who they've passed it on to, and who you're waiting on, with each stage of its progress time-stamped. In other words, it cuts down on the hassle often associated with end-of-the month invoicing and payments.

It means too, that a business’ accounting staff are able to focus more on the quality of their work, rather than spending huge chunks of time chasing thousands of invoices through the business. "The use of eDocs has had a huge, positive impact on my staff," says Wendy. "They're not having to chase pieces of paper around. They can look up everything they need to in Greentree, and it means they can focus more on the quality of the work they're doing, instead of quantity. Quite a few of them have said they absolutely love it!"

If you've answered Yes to any or all of the above questions and are now wondering how MYOB Greentree's eDocs function could benefit your business, don't hesitate  schedule a demo of the solution today.