Employment Outlook released - DOL

Dec 02, 2013
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The Department of Labour looks at the future productivity gains needed to maintain economic growth. This information is broken down by industry and occupation and is also related to immigration policy.

Total Employment 2011-2016 expected to  1.6% (180,300) per year.growthArrow

  • Strong employment growth is expected in the primary sector, primary processing, machinery and equipment, metal products and in construction-related activities. Service industries, including the health, cultural and personal services sectors, will also experience modest to strong employment growth. The growth will be strongest for highly-skilled occupations, including managers and professionals.
  • 1/3 for lower-skilled workers, this will be sustained over the 2016-21 period as the construction sector activity related to the Canterbury rebuild is expected to continue beyond 2016. The food processing, retailing, accommodation and personal service industries are expected to create most of the remaining opportunities.
  • Beyond the recovery from the recent economic downturn growth is expected to be a mix of export-led and domestic household spending along with the Canterbury re-build. 

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