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Sep 16, 2016
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The adage “time flies” seems no truer to me than in 2016. As I write this August is drawing to an end. It seems no time since we were celebrating the New Year. Perhaps this just reflects the busy time we have had at Endeavour in 2016. We have had the privilege of continuing to work with our large and diverse group of clients, many of who have been great clients for a long time. In addition, we have been fortunate to welcome many new clients this year. Already we have well exceeded the new client total for 2015. We have had five great new people join the team in New Zealand this year to add to our capability to assist you. Finding new talent in our industry is challenging with a limited pool of people. Many of the Endeavour team have joined us from overseas including Brazil, Dubai and the UK most recently. ERP consulting doesn’t seem to be a popular career path for local young IT professionals. Not the glamour and attraction of facebook or google which is a shame as helping the business achieve more with software is a rewarding and challenging place to work. The companies behind our software solutions (Greentree, Microsoft, Sage, Qlik) continue to invest and develop the products in innovative ways. Much of this is focused on making things easier for you, adding new functionality so your investment in one solution can return benefit in more parts of your business, and keeping pace with the ever-changing model for deploying the software including mobility as well as supporting cloud deployments. I have a separate blog on our website available offering some opinion on the relevance of Software as a Service pricing models for mid-market ERP offerings if you are interested in some more reading. Click here >>>

The IT industry continues to bombard us with jargon, complexity and hyperbole that in my opinion is often far removed from needs of most of our clients. There’s a lot of unhelpful scaremongering perpetuated by the industry “If you are not fully in the cloud your business won’t survive beyond 2020”. A big part of our role at Endeavour is to find ways technology can be applied to the problems and challenges in your businesses to make you better. The particular piece of software or deployment method we use to do that needs to be very focused on delivering these benefits to you to warrant the investment and effort. I hope the content of this newsletter provides some value for you and wish to offer my thanks for your continued business support. Feedback is important to us. You can message us easily from our website if you have any suggestions or comments to offer, please click here>>>

Tim Ryley

Chief Executive, Endeavour.

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