Endeavour Stands Out At The Masters

Mar 17, 2014
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Following Larry Stenberg’s selection for New Zealand Endeavour’s involvement with hockey increased further with their sponsorship of two teams at the recent National Masters Hockey tournament, played in Wellington.

In keeping with its strong local presence in Auckland and Christchurch (and more recently Wellington) they sponsored one team from each province, further fuelling the strong rivalries between the two. The lucky teams were the Auckland Over-45 Men and the Canterbury Over-40 Men.

Both teams looked very sharp in their new shirts - incorporating the product logos for Greentree, Dynamics, Sage and QlikView – and were spotted with them around many venues throughout the week (both sporting and recreational!).

 Despite really looking the part it didn’t quite translate into any gold or silver on the field with Canterbury finishing in the bottom half and Auckland finishing third. Auckland had been seeded 1st, having won their grade the previous three years, but at their home tournament Wellington and Nelson both turned out very strong teams to finish 2nd and 1st respectively.

For Larry, playing for the Auckland 45s, it was a most enjoyable tournament but “most importantly we won our grade’s head-to-head against Canterbury …”

 CTY Team