Fight for Christchurch - All Done!

Nov 29, 2011
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On Friday the 25th of November, Chris Miller, Peter Hooker and the Christchurch Endeavour team went to watch Tim in the boxing ring, for the 'Fight for Christchurch', a local event that attracts a very large audience. Tim Ryley, a Director of Endeavour Solutions, was one of 16 amateur boxers who fought to raise funds for local charities. Through sponsorship they collectively raised more than $83,000. Tim's personal charity choice, Koru Care, received nearly $4,000.

Tim fought well, entering the ring to Australian Crawl's 'The Boys Light Up' and barely having time to put in his mouth guard "it was all on". However, it wasn't to be Tim’s night,  Tim's opponent (take a look at the picture below), was 7 years younger, taller and had a longer reach. After taking a few knocks, Tim was just starting to "REVV UP" in the second round and got in a few good punches, when he copped a fierce right to the head, and was defeated by TKO.  Alot of people were in awe of those few who had never had a boxing match before, giving it a go and stepping into the ring (the reality being that most of us haven't any real idea of what you will come up against coupled with the anxiety this a public boxing match creates, tends to be enough to put most people off).
Tim had undergone a very rigorous training regime for many months, There was also many beatings / bruisings in the sparring sessions, following on a challenging training schedule, working on a strict diet (including no beer), while also carrying on with the rest of life as usual. While this was a huge undertaking, Tim says 'he has no regrets'. "I went in for a challenge and to raise money for a good cause," he says. "It's been an experience, I've learned a lot and I'm pleased I took part in it."
Tim, you made us at Endeavour Solutions and Koru Care proud!

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