Greentree 3D

Aug 01, 2013
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In the rapidly changing business world, there's one thing you can be sure about: Greentree will be at the forefront, offering innovative technology solutions. As proof of this, we present Greentree 3D.  Not only does it add a stunning array of visual enhancements; there's also a new range of capabilities that continue to ensure Greentree's customer are always ahead of the competition and primed for business.

Demo. Cameron Hallmark, Greentree's Chief Product Officer.


                                                                                    Greentree 3D demonstration

It’s hard to put 3D Live into words – seeing is believing how dynamic it is – but let’s see if we can paint you a picture.

It’s a brilliant enhancement of Greentree’s Workflow desktop that anticipates the information you require at any time, and delivers it, without you having to go searching for it.

3D Live gives access to live data related to whatever you’re dealing with, whether it’s a customer, an inventory item, account details or work in progress. Everything you need to know is displayed in multiple panels. Think of it like the heads-up visual display, first developed for fighter pilots so they could view key data without having to look down at their instruments. You can pre-define which pieces of information you want to see, and they’ll open automatically. If you want to see more, the relevant panel expands with a single click.

Let’s say an order comes in for a particular product that you have in stock. When you click on that item in your inventory, you can have panels open that show you how many you have in stock, how many customers have orders for them, and which orders are despatched or pending. You can even have an image displayed of the item concerned. You can then fill that customer’s request, order replacement stock, and initiate an invoice – all the relevant panels in front of you will update.

With a customer’s file you can see such information as the goods they’ve ordered over any specific period, whether their accounts are up to date, or what orders they have pending.

Colour coding enables you to prioritise whatever information is most important to you. And for even better productivity, 3D Live works brilliantly on multiple monitors.

With 3D Live, Greentree is helping to make every employee even more productive.