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Apr 30, 2014
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ERP system that walks the walk!

Have you heard about Irvine, a Christchurch based Flooring specialist? They are a business that is rolling out the carpet with huge success Nationally and Internationally despite the uncertainty of Global recessions and earth moving events. Endeavour implemented great Business solutions to help 'take the hard out'.







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Irvine Flooring's industry-specific business system was delivering suspect financial information, its reporting was plain inadequate, and staff were "pulling their hair out".

They were facing a crisis. They had implemented an industry-specific business system that had proved to be a huge step backwards within months of installation.

"We couldn't trust the financial information we were getting from it, and the reporting was incapable of supporting our business going forward," Director Lyndal Irvine recalls. "Everything took longer to do and everyone was pulling their hair out."

Irvine decided to pull the plug on that system and sought Greentree's help through Endeavour Solutions.The new system had to be implemented quickly, over a very busy sales period, but the task was completed in time and the rewards were quickly apparent.


  • Irvine Flooring's industry-specific software was failing, and it needed to be replaced quickly


  • Greentree provides instant information for staff everywhere, delivers quick responses to queries, and monitors the business's vital statistics.


  • Sales reps are always up to date using iPads, customer service staff are easily handling higher workloads, and costs are saved through improved monitoring of stock.

Irvine's customer service staff love Greentree's Workflow live desktop, which gives them customer information in one place, where previously it might have sourced in three different locations.

productivity"Greentree gives us the ability to know and understand our customers better, and to manage our sales team better. We're dealing with facts now."

"I've worked on quite a few business programs myself, but Greentree far outweighs anything I've worked on."

"Information gives you a detailed understanding of your customer's base," Lyndal concludes. "Without it you're flying blind."



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Irvine floors the competition