A Winning Combination for Jace Group with MYOB Greentree ERP

May 03, 2017
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Find out how MYOB Greentree ERP and Endeavour have helped one major kiwifruit grower and post-harvest company work smarter since 2006.

When Jace Group needed to manage the complex task of tracking production and costs across 200+ hectares of fruiting vines, they chose leading ERP solution Greentree - and Partner, Endeavour.[rd_line width="20" line_pos="center"][rd_line line_pos="center" margin_top="20"][testimonials_ctn][testimonial_sc author="Lee Weatherley" a_info="Accountant for Jace Group"]“We pride ourselves on quality performance and attention to detail,” says Lee Weatherley, Accountant for Jace Group. “We consistently achieve above industry returns for our growers. Given there is only a limited window of opportunity to harvest the crop from the vines, it is vital that all operations - from logistics through to our accounting & reporting functions to growers - run seamlessly.”[/testimonial_sc][/testimonials_ctn][rd_line line_pos="center" margin_top="20"]Jace Group recognised that the right ERP solution had the potential to completely transform their business. And with its live visibility and impressive ability to manage the entire supply chain, Greentree was definitely the right solution for them.

To help them fully unlock MYOB Greentree’s potential, the company knew they also had to have the right partner on board – so they chose us. With over 350 implementations under our belt (and across a wide range of industries), the Endeavour team knew exactly how to help Jace Group work smarter with Greentree, now and into the future.

Because at Endeavour, we don’t just ‘implement and run.’ We support our clients in the long-term, always on hand to offer support as they evolve and grow. And with MYOB Greentree’s extraordinary flexibility and reporting capabilities, Jace Group is now benefiting from an ERP solution that grows and evolves with them as well.

To find out why Jace Group is so enthusiastic about Greentree, and how they’ve used it to improve their business and meet challenges with confidence, read our latest Endeavour Success, Story.