Manufacturing: Fit-for-Future with Greentree

Nov 13, 2015
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Thanks largely to strong local demand and a generally lower dollar (and despite the recent drop in dairy prices), New Zealand’s manufacturing activity is currently riding high – but so are customer expectations. With increasing demands for customisation and the accompanying spread of globalisation and off-shoring - business is set to become even more complex for the country’s 20,000+ manufacturing companies.

All signs indicate that there’s a wave of change and innovation heading for the manufacturing sector, and if your company is going to keep up, now is the time to start setting your house in order. From inefficiencies in costing, forecasting and planning - to siloed processes and slow responses to customer requests: any weak spots in your supply chain, however small, need to be addressed now so that your business is fit-for-future.  And to help you do that, you need the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. The problem is, that people often associate ERP implantation with extensive downtime – and in the world of manufacturing, downtime is simply not an option.

Ditch The Downtime

That’s why the Endeavour team have selected world-class ERP solutions that are a synch to implement – and just as fast to learn and use. One of those solutions is home-grown success story Greentree ERP. Already supporting manufacturers around the world and across a range of industries, Greentree ERP’s Manufacturing Suite will help you to stay on top of growing customer demand and increasingly complex supply chains. With a choice of powerful manufacturing modules that all work together seamlessly, Greentree ERP delivers valuable benefits for manufacturing-based businesses regardless of size, operational model or industry.

Sustainable Benefitsman system






With Greentree ERP, your organisation will soon be enjoying sustainable improved performance across the board. The benefits of this smart, forward-looking ERP solution include increased efficiency, quality and profit margins: minimal risk of costly downtime and errors – and all in real time and from any location. From Bill of Materials, Forecasting and Material Requirements Planning – to Factory Orders and Quality Control: Greentree’s Manufacturing Suite can be perfectly tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Manufacturing Modules

Greentree Bill Of Materials enables you to define the type and number of parts, components or materials required to complete any production run, with pinpoint accuracy. While Greentree Factory Orders allows you to easily and accurately manage product assembly for make-to-order and make-to-stock. When it comes to Quality Control, the team at Greentree have also got you covered with a module that will help you automate quality control processes and tests for serialised, lot or batch tracked inventory and non-inventory items. And because manufacturing is by nature so complex and covers so many operational areas of business - Greentree have created two distinct but interrelated modules to ensure you have full control and high visibility over the process at all times: Materials Requirements Planning and Forecasting.

Referencing several key business activities and drawing upon information across your business, the Materials Requirement Planning module helps you to balance customer demand, accurately plan production and forecast requirements, and make last minute changes to scheduled production runs - without compromising core process. By comparison, Greentree’s Forecasting module combines historical sales data, mathematical calculations and human intuition to forecast future inventory requirements. The Forecasting module also takes seasonal fluctuations into account, ensures that forecasting matches the natural curve of your business demand and allows you to make manual adjustments when required.

Best Practice, Best Fit

Greentree ERP’s Manufacturing Suite has been designed to flex and adapt to the many differing needs of businesses operating in this broad and complex sector. With dedicated manufacturing modules, a familiar Windows environment and the ability to support an impressive range of different production styles, Greentree will help you to create a best-practice environment, quickly, cost-effectively and with no need to re-engineer.

Find out how Greentree has already helped New Zealand manufacturing companies to reduce the risk of serious mistakes, pursue new market opportunities and improve accuracy and efficiency in all areas – in our Greentree Manufacturing Success Stories and register here for Endeavour’s free industry news and updates

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