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Jun 04, 2014
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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a smart, innovative Business solution that rapidly increases efficiency and optimises processes, empowering organisations to become more dynamic, connected and forward-looking.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is recognised as a global leading ERP system that supports a single instance strategy for medium to large enterprise companies.  Endeavour is proud to have been selected as a MS Dynamics AX partner as it represents a great opportunity for both NZ private businesses and public sector organisations. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 gives people familiar, easy-to-use tools that enable them to work quickly and make smart, proactive decisions.

  • Free people to focus on business – rather than on learning new applications – with a solution that looks and feels like a familiar Microsoft user experience.
  • Work effectively with an intuitive Role Tailored user interface and Role Centers that help employees organise, prioritise, and access tasks and information from within a single window.
  • Expand the reach of decision-making with ad-hoc, self-service business intelligence and reporting tools that help people analyse data through dashboard KPIs, Microsoft Office Excel, Business Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and PerformancePoint Server.
  • Help people to work smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics AX data without leaving their Microsoft Office applications.
  • Build strong connections with employees, customers, and partners using integrated, unified communication and collaboration tools.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX has increasingly eyed the top of the enterprise ERP food chain.

"SAP on Microsoft Azure an AX opportunity," says Dynamics ERP GM Pedersen.MS Dynamics1 AX


Microsoft Dynamics AX has increasingly eyed the top of the enterprise ERP food chain in the last year, mounting a range of attacks directly against SAP . From the larger Microsoft perspective, such offensives may be a bit awkward. SAP has a twenty-year relationship with the company and also increasingly faces off with Dynamics AX on sales opportunities. And with the news this week of a new range of SAP solutions using Azure and Office, it's clear that the two companies will continue their partnership with a renewed focus.

The Dynamics AX team took this week's announcement as an opportunity to contrast their own unique approach to using Azure in enterprise ERP against SAP's - and to take a few new shots at their competitor's cloud competence.


Enterprises that host or integrate their SAP solutions to Azure will be even better positioned to start adding Dynamics AX instances in subsidiaries or remote sites, writes Dynamics ERP general manager Christian Pedersen in a new blog post. He explains: