Advanced provides good pathway for EXO users

Aug 17, 2018
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MYOB Advanced is gaining traction in New Zealand, and gives uses of more traditional ERPs like MYOB EXO a flexible, cloud-based option.

When business owners are looking for ERP solutions that will take care of everything now and in the future, MYOB Advanced and MYOB EXO are examples that are often considered. They're very similar in their functionality, which means that they target similar pain points - operational and administration. However, Advanced is a more modern, cloud-based system, whereas EXO is increasingly seen as a legacy ERP solution.

What are the key elements of more modern ERP like MYOB Advanced that could give your business an edge?

Customer portal

A customer portal is an important part of the package when it comes to improving the customer experience. Giving customers the ability to log in and see their details, invoices and statements, rather than having to get hold of someone in your company over the phone, is a quick and easy-to-use solution that customers appreciate.

If a business's customers have the option to interact with that business in a user-friendly way, their overall satisfaction and experience will be boosted, and that's always a fundamental goal for any business owner.

Automating workflow approvals

From an administrative standpoint, intelligent software should address the issue of automation and approval in workflows. If these processes can be streamlined so that both staff and their managers aren't spending more time than they'd like entering details, productivity is boosted. For example, if an employee is allowed to spend up to a certain amount on a business lunch, they can enter that transaction and it's automatically approved (as long as it's under the specified amount) and doesn't have to cross their manager's desk. However if that employee spends over an allocated amount then the transaction is flagged for their manager to approve.

A business's employees - whether managers or those who work under them - generally prefer it if they can minimise the amount of time they have to spend on administrative tasks. This is especially true if an approvals process has to go through multiple people. The ability to customise the approvals process and automate those transactions that don't need it is essential for streamlining these administrative tasks.

The mobile solution fit for purpose

A cloud-based system like MYOB Advanced reduces the drain on your IT budget and allows you to operate in a multi-cloud environment bringing added benefits. There is no longer a need to maintain or lease an aging server as business move their systems to the cloud.

By mobilising your workforce who are not dependant on a server, allows them to interact with your ERP system and business accounts like never before. This allows operational and administrative processes of the organisation to be woven into a central source of truth and available instantly via an internet browser. From any device – Android, Apple or Windows – your staff can access key data instantly, allowing improved communication across business departments and better business decisions to be made.

How you deal with your customers and suppliers is forever transforming. The MYOB Advanced Customer Portal is a good example. By embracing a modern ERP system, you can continually improve the customer experience as systems continually evolve.

In the end, a modern, future-proofed ERP system is key for successful business outcomes. If your business has been relying on an outdated legacy system such as MYOB EXO, now could be a good time to reconsider and look at the features of MYOB Advanced, which is designed to address key pain points found in operational and administrative processes.

Access a product walk-through video of MYOB Advanced  here, or get in touch with us to discuss.