MYOB Advanced the right medicine for renowned veterinary practice

Dec 07, 2018
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Anexa FVC (Anexa), an animal health and vet services business known for its practice excellence, decided in February 2018 that they needed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that better supported the business. They identified a need to achieve not only greater efficiencies, but other improvements such as better integration between their core veterinary practice management system and their financial system.

With 14 locations, they wanted better analysis for each one, since the business is essentially broken down into two key areas: companion animals and production animals. There were different business needs for each one, and assessing business cases was becoming difficult due to a lack of detailed analysis. That was a priority when it came to researching the various online ERP options and providers.

After doing their homework on other ERP systems, Anexa turned their attention to the MYOB suite. It was at this time they were put in touch with Endeavour, as a provider of cloud-based MYOB Advanced. What tipped the scales in Endeavour’s favour was not only our ability to commit to the workload, but our willingness to provide demonstrations and very detailed information about MYOB Advanced.

For Anexa, this committed, personal approach was critical. Anexa’s Commercial Manager, Matt Kibble, had some experience with system migration so was very clear about what he wanted from an ERP solution.

Endeavour were careful to make Anexa aware of the disruption it would face during the implementation, as well as the risks involved. This was to prepare their staff and to minimise any issues that might occur, although in the end they were few and far between. The implementation proceeded on track and on target, and MYOB Advanced went live for Anexa in October 2018.

Although there’s only been one month’s run, Anexa have already noticed massive processing efficiencies, particularly around data input. Across their 14 locations, they’re getting more detail and greater accuracy in their data, which has been essential for business cases and decision-making. Still the early stages, Anexa can already see the potential for creating in-depth reporting packages.

As Matt Kibble knew from the outset, it’s important for a business to be very clear from the beginning what it wants to achieve, and what its goals and objectives are. This makes it easier to communicate to an ERP provider what you want to get out of the system.

We recently developed a case study that goes into the Anexa experience in greater detail. If you’d like to discuss how Endeavour can help you realise the benefits of MYOB Advanced as we did for Anexa, get in touch.