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Sep 07, 2018
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How Endeavour has Improved dependability & transparency of data for Maori Language Commission

The Māori Language Commission – Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori (MLC) – was set up in 1987 to promote the use of Māori as a living language, and as a means of communication. The use of Te Reo and the MLC’s role is being highlighted during Māori Language week – Te Wiki o re Reo Māori – from September 10 – 16.

As a government agency, the Māori Language Commission has to meet high standards of financial clarity for auditing, and that's exactly what Endeavour Solutions and MYOB Advanced has been able to achieve for them, resolving the issues they were experiencing around unreliable systems and a lack of accountability.

The crux of the challenge involved was to improve the dependability and transparency of its data, as well as the potential of its workforce. MYOB Advanced, with Endeavour as their delivery partner, was the solution the MLC chose after a 2016 review of their systems, with the goal of improving their audit rating and overall efficiency.

Since MYOB Advanced implementation, the Māori Language Commission (MLC) has achieved a massive increase in its audit ratings in just the first year. The success was such that MYOB developed a case study outlining the problems MLC were facing, how the MYOB Advanced solution dealt with them, and the overall impact of the implementation on the MLC's accounting systems.

As a result of the changes in their system and processes the MLC were awarded a significantly higher audit rating in 2017 than ever before; the auditor general report states:

“We were pleased to note that the commission’s financial statements and service performance reporting have improved significantly since 2015/16, when the Auditor-General recommended that “major improvements be made at the earliest reasonable opportunity”. The auditor found the commission’s management control environment, financial information systems and controls, and performance information and associated systems and controls to be ‘good’. This is the first time in its 30-year history that the commission has reached this level. It is continuing to strive to improve its financial performance and reporting, and hopes to get a rating of ‘very good’ in the future.”

The case study includes quotes from external advisor Kara Taumaunu, who identified the need for a more automated process of producing the monthly reports, Maria Mullane, an Endeavour MYOB Partner, and Tim Ryley, Endeavour's CEO.

“Working with the Maori Language Commission has allowed Endeavour to do what we do best,” says Tim. “We have worked together to improve the quality and reliability of information, improve business process, enhance the roles and skills of their team, and increase their audit compliance.”

Kara's assessment of the solution included such positive outcomes as:

  • The flexibility of MYOB Advanced
  • The levels of expertise at MYOB
  • An improvement in audit standards
  • Major improvement in productivity
  • A better work-life balance for staff

The case study goes on to outline how the newly accessible and up-to-date data has also been a huge win for the MLC, as well as how purchase-order approval automation and reconciliation has made things easier for staff. It also details the higher level of board confidence in data, thanks to accurate, up-to-date dashboard reporting.

The MLC case study is an excellent example of how MYOB Advanced can adapt to an organisation's changing needs and how it can provide reliable and transparent data for auditing purposes.

If you'd like to read more about how MYOB Advanced helped improve the MLC's finance management and auditing, the case study is available here.

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