Put Your Data on the Map with Qlikview Mapping!

May 04, 2015
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Measure densities of points and aggregate KPIs within a specified radius

Location based information is a very common occurrence in business.  Whether it be sales zones or regions, or simply customer locations or service distribution, it is very often that a business would like to see information across a map.

What Can You Do?

With Qlikview you can plot location information on a map. Depending on your needs, it may be simply bubbles showing sales across different post codes, or full thematic mapping.

For example the app will allow you to take a look at Victorian Customers represented on a map or perhaps you want to go deeper and show sales of a certain product category geographically, in which case Qlikview is a great option for your needs.

Specific Examples

Football fan? There is an interactive tool built for the 2014 World Cup, read more here.

Want to know number of employees by country?  For a full Qlikview Human Resources demo check it out here.

image description It takes two minutes to see how...watch this

Create an Interactive Map in Less Than 2 Minutes

Imagine What You Can Do With Your Data?

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Article by Shane Michelon