QlikView - The Power of Gray

Aug 01, 2013
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QlikViewBusinessDiscoveryWhat is the associative experience that QlikView provides.  Associative is the way our mind connects data.  For example when I try to recall the face of someone I've met previously, I often think about, if they had glasses, their hair colour or where we met.  But I don’t forget everyone else I just take them out of focus.

With QlikView and the associative experience there is a great example of this that I often refer to, by asking a simple question, If you we wanted to increase sales how would we do it?

Perhaps we could look up the most popular products, a usual query and then look up all the customers who have purchased this in the last 6 months, again a usual query.  But here’s where it gets different we can use the power of Gray to see active customers who haven’t purchased this product in the last 6 months.  Then there you have it a list of customers to target for your marketing campaign.

We see this over and over again with our QlikView customers, they use the associative experience to let one question lead to another and re-query with just a few clicks.

So while there may be edge cases where it's necessary to hide gray data, we generally find that displaying all data in the associative manner is a unique and special advantage of Qlikview.

QlikView demonstrates the power of Gray.




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