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Mar 25, 2014
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European oat millers equipped for new Challenges

EOM prides itself on it's reputation as a leading supplier of bulk grains for the food industry, both in the UK and in export markets.

"Greentree already helps us to maintain our high level of customer service."

 Naseem Karsan

Naseem Karsan
Head of Commercial/Supply Chain & Planning
European Oat Millers


Watch this video and see Oat Millers caught on camera

European Oat Millers started out in the 1980s employing 30 people and is now a 24/7 operation employing 120. They are the second largest Independent industrial oat miller in the UK and Europe. Their capacity now exceeds 120,000 tons / annum of grain processing. They are a key supplier to almost every successful oat-based cereal brand in the United Kingdom, and also export to UAE, India, South Africa, Thailand, Israel, Spain and Ireland.


Naseem Karsan, Head of Commercial/Supply Chain & Planning, was recognised for her entrepreneurial skills in 2013 by the Enterprising Women Awards. She was hailed as one of the world’s finest businesswomen; praised for her work on creating local job opportunities and establishing environmentally friendly processes to boost energy efficiency.

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