Winning with Endeavour & QlikView

Feb 02, 2015
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‘Winning with QlikView’


You’ve probably heard of the leading business discovery tool, QlikView, but if you haven’t seen it in action for yourself, perhaps you’re wondering what all the excitement is about? Well, at Endeavour we’ve been helping clients enjoy the many benefits of QlikView for over 7 years – and we see first hand just what a difference it can make to businesses just like yours.

With its intuitive interface, visually-dynamic reports and user-centric approach, QlikView stands head and shoulders above the competition. Traditional business intelligence offerings are complex to use and to implement. They demand a huge investment of money and time to deploy, and once they are finally up and running, typically require the intervention of an IT or analytics specialist to design and build reports. But QlikView couldn’t be more different: it is fast, easy, low-cost to deploy and designed to put power straight back into the hands of the ordinary user.
With just a little training, any new business-user can start analysing previously-inaccessible data and uncover new insights, all within a matter of days. This is natural analytics at its very best – as many of our newest QlikView clients have been delighted to discover for themselves.


Mazda Motors: A User-Centric Solutionmazda-logo


Having trialled QlikView during one of our ‘Seeing is Believing’ sessions, Mazda’s Financial Controller, David Hodge, asked Endeavour to implement QlikView for Mazda and to build a few initial report templates. Previously, Mazda had relied upon time-consuming spreadsheets requiring a significant amount of manual manipulation. So David was understandably keen to start using QlikView’s intuitive, user-friendly interface - and to experience just how quickly and easily he would be able to access and analyse multiple sources of data.
Within 3 days of implementation, David was defining and building his own bespoke QlikView templates and analysing data at a speed and level of detail that simply wasn’t possible before. Today, David and his team use QlikView every day, analysing transactions to identify slow-moving products, low margins, customer trends and inventory shortages or surpluses. David is so pleased with the results that he will happily demonstrate QlikView to those who are interested.


Good Health: Data Anywhere, Any TimeQVGoodHealthNewsLetter


With rising requests for reports beyond the pre-defined templates of their ERP system, natural health manufacturer Good Health was increasingly resorting to manually generated reports - an increasingly difficult and time-consuming task. But Good Health needed more than just a reporting solution. The company needed an intelligent tool that would provide insights into which product lines weren’t selling, help them track product manufacturing and distribution – and provide access to valuable live data to sales teams while they were out on the road. That’s why they turned to QlikView.
Designed to meet the needs of the ordinary user regardless of platform, QlikView is just as powerful on a mobile device as it is on an office computer. And while Good Health initially used QlikView at a local-user level, after only two days they were so impressed that they asked us to extend the software to the entire company – including the sales teams’ iPads. Good Health’s reporting process is now quick and efficient; tracking product manufacture, distribution and sales is a breeze – and users can easily access and analyse live data wherever they are and regardless of which device they are using.


Vynco Industries: Reporting And Beyondvynco-logo


For Vynco, QlikView proved to be key to sparking sales growth and preparing to scale-up the business to meet future growth requirements. Vynco Industries is a leading New Zealand distributor of electrical components. With 7,000 inventory lines, accurate tracking and monitoring of stock and sales is vital. Vynco had outgrown the functionality of its old systems; and so turned to Endeavour to provide the management team with a more strategic overview of what was happening (and what needed to happen) across the company.
With a combination of standard inventory and customised sales dashboards, Vynco were almost immediately able to use QlikView to explore sales data anomalies and trends. QlikView enabled Vynco to automate daily sales reporting for sales reps, minimise overstocking and to drive efficient and timely purchasing.
Today, QlikView is delivering the insights and big-picture understanding that the management team need to guide their future business decisions. For Vynco, QlikView has been the key to going beyond standard sales reporting and into the realm of value-added data discovery.


QlikView adds real value to our clients’ businesses, helping them unlock new information in a variety of practical situations. It’s no wonder that so many of them tell us this is the best piece of software they’ve ever seen. QlikView is a truly dynamic solution and we’re proud of the many new and novel ways our clients use QlikView for revelations and discoveries. And perhaps that’s the best feature of all: QlikView is the BI solution with no limits and the ability to constantly evolve and surprise.