Is your accounting software hurting your business?

Juanessa Abbott
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For most businesses, it makes good sense to get started with basic accounting software. Then, as financial and customer service requirements demand, you can move to more sophisticated business systems. A logical approach.

The challenge is in recognising the right time to make the switch. When you are immersed in the day to day operations, it's easy to ignore the red flags of trouble ahead. Microsoft has written this white paper to help you.[rd_line line_pos="center" margin_top="10" margin_bottom="10"]

15 Red Flags Is Your Accounting Software Hurting Your Business

  • Unstable system and slow performance
  • Growing paper problem
  • Production schedule delays
  • Inaccurate cost calculations
  • Employees building reports manually
  • Selling out-of-stock products
  • Errors tracking time and equipment
  • Document delays slow month-end close
  • Service and warranty confusion
  • Excessive overhead cost
  • Inaccurate inventory levels
  • Cashflow and project profits
  • Disconnected Point of Sales system
  • Unsupported inventory practices
  • Not in compliance with GAAP principles

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