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View & Modify GL Journals on Transactions

Now you have the power to re-post any journal line behind any transaction with just a few clicks - straight from the transaction screen.

This is a major enhancement to the old GL Journals App, making the correction of GL posting errors a 30 second exercise. No need to create manual journals - do it the easy way!

  • The App adds a new GL button to the header of every Transaction screen
  • Click it to popup up the Journal line in a clever table
  • Right-click on a line to re-Post it
  • Select the new GL account for the line and click Create Journal
  • Your clever table refreshes to show the reversal and repost Journal lines, as well as the original posting.

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Simple really. And it's fully auditable, because the reversal and repost journals are stored with the originals, along with the user ID, date and time they were created.

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1. The View & Modify GL Journals on Transcations App is avaliable for systems running Greentree 34@4 and beyond.


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