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ROIEight Key Criteria for Establishing the ROI of To-Increase Data Collection Studio for Microsoft Dynamics AX





Sometimes, the return on investment (ROI) from a technology acquisition is hard to calculate, difficult to quantify, and can take a lengthy, expensive effort to establish. Getting to the ROI of To-Increase Data Collection Studio for Microsoft Dynamics AX is comparatively uncomplicated. Data Collection Studio ROI is a compound of a variety of factors. When you make use of the solution, you accelerate, simplify, and reduce the cost of actions taken by IT administrators, warehouse teams, and managers. You also avoid several conditions and events, including errors and inefficiencies. Today, we take a closer look at the factors that contribute to a strong ROI from this solution.

Eliminating paperwork and manual data processing. In many warehouse operations, much of the transaction recording is still performed on paper forms. Therefore, it happens at least twice—once, when a worker notes information on a form, and the second time when the same or another employee enter the data into Microsoft Dynamics AX. If you converted from paper-based processes to digital data capture with PDAs and other devices, you should be able to assess the amount of time people spent on entering data into the ERP system by hand. By using Data Collection Studio, you save that time and also avoid dealing with the errors that always happen when people hand-write and type information.

Speeding up warehouse activities. Once you deploy Data Collection Studio, employees can be proficient and comfortable with the solution’s intuitive working quickly, noticeably faster than is usually the case with competing products. When they work with Data Collection Studio to create, register, or add purchase orders and purchase order lines; manage and record receipts; create, stage, merge, load, move, and transport pallets; create and update sales orders; perform picking and deliver picked items; and transfer items among warehouse locations—all these and other frequent, everyday tasks happen faster and with greater accuracy. As workers accomplish more, you can manage resources more efficiently and flexibly, and scale them more economically when workloads change. The same goes for your supervisors, who spend considerably less time resolving errors and addressing inefficiencies.

Making information directly available. When you use Data Collection Studio, transaction information becomes available in the ERP system as soon as it is recorded, without forcing business and finance managers to wait or search for it. Warehouse employees and their supervisors can easily access a wealth of information related to inventory, locations, pallets, picking, deliveries, and other supply chain elements. At any point in any of the many supply-chain processes Data Collection Studio supports, Workers can use their PDA or other device to look up information without stopping work to ask a manager for help, resulting in a direct, measurable increase in productive time.

Low-overhead IT administration. Most companies deploy Data Collection Studio even to hundreds of users in less than a day, which is generally not possible with competing products. The solution requires no customizations within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Because Data Collection Studio makes full use of the AX programming environment, skilled AX developers can easily adjust the solution’s screens and other details to evolve it as business requirements change. There is no need for companies to own or contract .NET programming skills. In addition, Data Collection Studio relies entirely on the Application Object Server (AOS) in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Technology managers can take immediate advantage of the solution’s scalability without their company having to bear the cost of acquiring Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), which competing products typically require. Because of the highly standardized technology involved, future upgrades of Data Collection Studio, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and BarTender can be performed efficiently and economically, saving potentially substantial costs for specialist contractors.


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Improved customer retention. Shipping the wrong items or shipping with an uncommunicated delay can result in lost accounts or fewer orders from customers. By tracking in the customer account histories in your ERP or CRM system, you can probably identify the frequency and cost of these events. When you use Data Collection Studio in the warehouse, the likelihood of errors in picking, put-away, and shipping is greatly reduced. And, because supervisors can learn of possible delivery delays through the solution’s delivery dashboard, they can communicate with customers to resolve any issues. You save the negative financial consequences of customer loss or straying.

More control for supervisors and managers. By using the dashboards in Data Collection Studio, warehouse supervisors can spot and resolve any production issues and bottlenecks as soon as they arise and before they impact


customer-service levels or operational efficiency in the supply chain. They can also keep warehouse activities profitable by planning and prioritizing deliverables, optimizing pick routes, and ensuring that workers perform at their best level without downtimes. Companies save the often enormous costs of unaddressed inefficiencies, poor resource utilization, and limited visibility.

Greater productivity from barcoding. With a standardized integration with Seagull Scientific BarTender© software, workers can print barcoded labels after a short familiarization. The use of barcodes on all labels accelerates data collection tasks and allows employees to get more done in the same time. It also becomes easier, and takes less time, to create and manage labels.

Less costly hardware upgrades. Data Collection Studio automatically adjusts its screen displays for the solution of whichever screen is in use. When a company changes devices, there is no need to invest the time and effort to make settings changes or customizations.

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