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"We've now got a lot of new features that we didn't have before - we're in charge of our own destiny."

Mazda New Zealand had a very tight deadline to establish a Parts warehouse – and create a system to run it.

With the help of Endeavour Solutions, Mazda has achieved this remarkable goal. Its logistics system, powered by Greentree, not only processes thousands of orders from dealers nationwide – it also manages huge regular data updates from Mazda headquarters in Japan.

Mazda attributes this success to the collaboration with us, Endeavour Solutions.

“With this kind of teamwork, there was no way this project was going to fail,” says National Parts Manager, Brett Todd.

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 Hear how to make a smooth difference

Mazda New Zealand and Greentree ERM systems lead the way in Auto Parts Management!

  • CHALLENGE -  Mazda needed a parts distribution system that could handle the many thousands of constantly changing parts numbers, and deliver parts efficiently to its dealer network.
  • SOLUTION - Greentree enables Mazda dealers to check parts availability (both within NZ and internationally) and order them online. It also handles huge daily database updates from Japan.
  • RESULT-  Greentree comfortably processes thousands of parts orders: speed and reliability is ahead of the previous system, with plenty of room for future expansion


Mazda's Parts Distribution System today enables best work practice and further business development that will enable even stronger growth.

"With the help of Endeavour's knowledge and experience, we believe we've created a distribution product that can be a model for the automotive industry and for other businesses," Brett says.

"Our key indicators show that we're performing better than ever,"adds David Hodge.

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