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Congratulations to Endeavour for winning 'Consultant of the Year' and Sale of the Year' for the 2013 awards.

What makes a top-notch consultant? Business knowledge across a huge breadth of industries, in-depth understanding of changing technology, plus the proactive skills to bring new ideas to the table, and to identify the difficult decisions that customers sometimes have to make. It’s a tough gig, requiring patience, empathy, and flair.

Consultant of the Year, WINNER: LINDSAY SISSON

Lindsay Sisson - EndeavourLindsay’s “fantastic communication and work ethic of the highest standard” were cited by customer Ewing Construction Ltd in their nomination. “The project implementation has been totally successful due to the involvement of Lindsay at the coal face as well as behind the scenes,” they said.

Customers don’t sign unless they've received an irrefutable demonstration of the benefits of Greentree. Therefore a great sale isn't just about how much it earns; it’s also about the obstacles overcome to secure the sale, and the return on investment for the customer.


This environmental planning and design consultancy required specialised job costing and information delivery, and Partner Endeavour Solutions faced a strong competitor for this sale. They went to great lengths to win, including designing a prototype system so Boffa Miskell could test key performance factors, and put various risk concerns to rest. “Our experience with similar businesses and our ability to effectively prototype functionality allowed Boffa to identify the suitability of our solution for their needs,” Endeavour says.

"Greentree's total cost of ownership over a 10-year period was a lot lower than its competitors." says Finance Manager Blair Walker.

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