Dog food for thought: helping a proven business keep growing

Tim Ryley
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Jonathan Swift said "every dog has his day", and that was the case for Butch Pet Foods (Bpf) when their growth and expansion plans meant it was time to move on from a legacy accounting software system.

According to the Business IT magazine, drivers for proven business adopting modern ERP systems include a desire to combine more information from across the business; streamline reporting and compliance; and access modern analytical capabilities.

These were some of the reasons Bpf decided to go with MYOB Greentree. They needed to not only modernise their financial systems and bring them up to date, but they wanted a CRM so they could pull together their sales and marketing, administration and dispatch departments, and eliminate disparate spreadsheets.

Bpf are familiar to all Kiwis, whether they own pets or not. Established in 1964, the business was started with the aim of producing a healthy alternative to uncooked meat for dogs, in an effort to combat the widespread hydatids disease. Today, it produces more than 20 varieties of pet food which can be purchased in supermarkets and corner dairies nationwide, with a growing export market. Every year they produce over six million dog and cat rolls from state of the art production facilities.

As the business continued to grow, Butch wanted to gain more control over their proven business, ensuring they were well placed to continue growing. A new business system was imperative to their expansion plans, and it turned out that MYOB Greentree was the cat's whiskers. By investing in MYOB Greentree, they could access a ERP solution could help improve everything from sales, purchasing and logistics, to job costing, financial management and payroll.

Bpf’s move to MYOB Greentree is documented in this case study that outlines how MYOB Greentree pulls all the figures together, while its CRM and Supply Chain modules simplify the handling of big and small orders. Errors in orders have been eliminated, stock holding costs have been halved, order processing has been significantly sped up, and Bpf’s expansion plans are on track.

The case study covers:

  • Some background on Bpf and its origins and products, and their quest for export markets
  • Making the switch to MYOB Greentree
  • How Greentree's functionality has improved Bpf’s operational efficiency
  • Improvements to ordering and supplies
  • Bpf’s significant savings in running costs
  • The boost in productivity for both sales and finance departments

"We’ve now got checks and balances in the system, and errors in orders have been eliminated," says Office Manager Carl Jeffrey. "Our sales and marketing guy says it’s the best package he’s worked with."

Read the full case study, and if you'd like to talk to us about how MYOB Greentree can help with your business's growth plans, drop us a line.

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