Driving customer satisfaction and business growth with your ERP solution

Tim Ryley
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Driving efficiencies in your business is typically a primary outcome from an ERP solution, but so is strengthening your ability to satisfy customers and drive new business.

When organisations are seeking to improve efficiencies around managing and maintaining customer relationships, typical challenges include:

  • Disorganised and messy contact data spread across different departments and teams without a single source-of-truth
  • Difficulty organising and managing information about prospects, suppliers and customers
  • Inability to tailor personalised experiences for clients and offer them exactly what they want, anytime.
  • Gathering customer-oriented data for reporting, as this can be time-consuming, especially if it’s collected from multiple, disparate systems
  • A lot of time spent manually entering and updating customer data which in turn drastically reduces productivity.
  • An inability to track and determine ROI across marketing efforts and the sales pipeline

Organisations often have multiple systems for meeting these challenges, without the kind of interaction that's needed to streamline customer management and make it easier for everyone involved.

When a business is wanting to address these issues, there are some must-haves for a CRM application software in order to streamline the sales processes, boost productivity and deliver excellent customer service, including:

  • Maintaining a single up-to-date database that stores the information of everyone your organisation deals with, including customers, suppliers, prospects or even negative personas like competitors
  • Retaining and tracking leads, and associated information across the sales lifecycle
  • Delivering a seamless experience for customers with complete and easily accessible data for sales and customer services teams
  • Integrating a smart quotation system to deliver accurate pricing to the sales team and maintain an audit trail of revisions and communication
  • Storing key relationship information and details of various touchpoints with prospects to build a clear picture of the sales cycle
  • Support for the sales pipeline from the first enquiry to a purchase, as well as a defined sales process with alerts for follow ups so nothing slips through the cracks
  • A mobile option access to any data on-the-go, which is especially important to the sales team.

MYOB Greentree's CRM module provides this breadth of functionality, and more. It also allows for document handling, so any documents and files that's related to a job, a customer or a supplier can be uploaded (e.g. a quote or sales proposal), meaning that these documents are available electronically as soon as it's needed, eliminating the need for a paper trail or a manual filing system.  Staff can use it for:

  • Following up with contacts and potential leads
  • Generating and tracking quotes
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Managing appointments

Because the CRM module is fully integrated to MYOB Greentree's other relevant modules, it can become a starting point for an entire customer journey. A lead is generated, which then proceeds to a quote that's accepted. The quote then converts into an actual job or sales order, which then feeds into the financial system, reporting into the General Ledger. And it all began with CRM -   a suite of modules in MYOB Greentree geared towards gaining efficiencies around all aspects of customer relationship management.

In our experience, businesses often start out thinking that all they need is the ability to store customer details and provide quotes, but when we've sat down with them and looked at the areas where efficiencies could be gained, they discover that a CRM suite of modules can help them meet those challenges.

Getting the most out of MYOB Greentree’s CRM – an Endeavour customer

One of our customers was originally using Greentree's predecessor - the legacy system CBA – and decided to upgrade their ERP solution by moving to Greentree.

When we began this process, they told us that they were using primarily the Job Costing module. But their business was in a high-growth phase, and as it grew, so did their requirements. They needed more than job costing and maintenance; they needed a more proactive customer management and reporting functionality as well - something that MYOB Greentree's CRM can deliver, and more.

All of their customer data was held in spreadsheets that were being manually maintained and by different people. This caused frustrations when staff realised that different spreadsheets were being used to essentially achieve the same result. Implementing MYOB Greentree's CRM consolidates these disparate spreadsheets into a single version of truth, reducing the amount of manual effort required, eliminating duplications and delivering efficiencies and streamlining the entire process.

The complexities of their processes also meant that some customisation was required. Greentree's flexibility meant that we were able to tailor the CRM system to their specific, individual needs, such as creating sub-jobs within one category.

Since going live with MYOB Greentree's CRM, this customer has noticed efficiency gains in such areas as:

  • Keeping all the information in one place, as opposed to scattered spreadsheets – Single Version Of Truth.
  • Increased accuracy in their information
  • Improvements in job tracking
  • Greater visibility over customer management and relationships
  • Reporting that provides timely and accurate data for decision-making
  • The sales team being able to focus on their core tasks, rather than spending time on quotes and updates
  • A reduction in manual input and errors, and an increase in security
  • Elimination of duplication

Like many business processes these days, automation is key to gaining efficiencies, and that's at the heart of MYOB Greentree's CRM. It's an automated process flow beginning with the first point of entry in generating a lead, right through to the completion of a job or sales and subsequent reporting.

Are you using Greentree’s CRM without making full use of its capabilities? Or would you like to start a discussion about how Greentree can transform your CRM processes? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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