Greentree Game On - Congratulations to our deserving winners

Juanessa Abbott
Written by

“I just want to scream and yell – I can’t believe our good fortune!” said Annabel Smail, Director and Marketing Manager of Smail & Co, when we told her they’d won Greentree GAME ON.

Game On smail-logo  Smail & Co both make and import bathroom furniture, and is facing a huge challenge: helping to rebuild homes and offices wrecked by  Christchurch’s earthquakes. With their old system (archaic accounting, spreadsheets, and an erratic paper trail of orders) they’d have been hard  pressed to cope with the expected flurry of work. But with Greentree handling their accounts, job costing, production planning and manufacturing, Annabel says, “I don’t think we’ll recognise ourselves!”

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