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When the Wellington City Mission reviewed their current financial solution and decided it was time to upgrade to a cloud-based ERP, MYOB Advanced was the option that ticked all the boxes.

Having successfully used MYOB Greentree for a number of years, the organisation was keen to stick with an MYOB product, but they wanted to be prepared for disaster. Greentree is server-based, while Advanced is in the cloud, meaning that if for any reason, staff didn't have access to the Mission offices, they could still manage their finances from alternative locations.

The new system would also need be able to handle reporting for different business areas, record profits and losses for the entire organisation, and offer remote data storage.

After working with IT consultants and setting requirements Wellington City Mission set out to find their new cloud-based system. Like most charities, they don’t have a huge budget, so they also needed something affordable. Endeavour has worked with Wellington City Mission for many years with Greentree and after the consultations, suggested MYOB Advanced.

The process of implementing MYOB Advanced for the Wellington City Mission has been outlined in a new case study. The report details what the organisation were looking for. “Our strategy led us to believe that we should go to an online subscription model for our key software requirements. That was the client management system, finance and fundraising,” says Corporate Services Manager Chris Gray.

“We did a search and looked at the smaller solutions from MYOB and Xero, that are great options for small businesses but from a reporting sense they didn’t quite stack up for a larger complex organisation.”

MYOB Advanced is transforming the way organisations like the Wellington City Mission work. It delivers an end-to-end management system that provides multiple functionalities on a single platform. When information flows between those functions, it reduces duplication and manual data entry as well as providing real-time management insights.

Endeavour’s Peter Hooker explained: “While Wellington City Mission are a lean organisation, complex reporting across their organisations and in particular the GST requirements for their Rest Home facility made them ideally suited to MYOB Advanced.”

Key among the outcomes after go-live were flexibility, finance, and future-proofing. Moving to MYOB Advanced helped simplify tracking and financial reporting in a complex, multi-faceted organisation. "With the Endeavour team we had a remarkably fast and affordable transition that got us up and running, has kept things simple and made everything operational with very little down time," Chris explains.

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