Confused about the Microsoft ERP offering?

Tim Ryley
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What's on offer from Microsoft and the future of ERP solutions might seem daunting, so we've developed a guide to help you out.

Too many businesses suffer from the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset. When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs), if you’re using a legacy application then you’re not positioned for the future.

The ERP landscape is complex and can be confusing when trying to choose the most appropriate application – especially when it comes to the suite of Microsoft offerings. The team at Endeavour has developed a guide to help Kiwi businesses understand the positioning, future roadmap and suitability of Microsoft’s ERP solutions.

It's worth noting that Microsoft recorded $US 38 billion in revenue for its commercial cloud business, putting it way ahead of competitors Google, Salesforce and Amazon Web Services. It owes some of this success to its Dynamics 365 cloud ERP offerings, and it's certainly a valid option for New Zealand businesses as well, but working out what of their many solutions is the best fit for your organisation can be a challenge.

There are many established products, lots of new emerging products, and many converging solutions. It’s not surprising then that business owners and managers are wondering how to untangle it all, as well as trying to figure out what’s on offer, what’s not going to be on offer in the future, and above all, what’s best for their business.

It also doesn't help that Microsoft product names are changed and updated with alarming regularity, further adding to the confusion. That said, they have built a lot of continuity into their ERP solutions, such as multiple deployment options, custom pricing, Office 365 compatibility and implementation by an approved partner.

Here at Endeavour, we've evolved with the Microsoft ERP offering, building strong technical capability and, more importantly, an understanding of what’s suitable for New Zealand businesses. We're an award-winning Microsoft Partner, and because our aim is to enable you to make better decisions that drive growth in your business, we can provide focussed and effective advice.

We'll start with our eBook, Navigating the future of Microsoft ERPs. It focuses on these key areas:

  • Endeavour 3D cover MS ERP-1What’s currently on offer – get to grips with Microsoft’s current product list with a bit of history about each one.
  • Dynamics 365 – an outline of Microsoft’s most modern business offering, where it’s headed, and if it’s the right solution for your business.
  • The NAV / GP / SL / AX dilemma – practical advice around what to do if your business is still using these solutions.
  • The Endeavour approach – we’ve evolved with the Microsoft ERP offering, building strong technical capability and, more importantly, an understanding of what’s suitable for New Zealand businesses.


The guide is aimed at providing you with a basic understanding of what's on offer and help you to determine if what you're using now is still effective, as well as guidance around the solution that would be best for your business.

Once you've had a read through, ask yourself:

  • Is your business growing beyond its systems?

  • Is that great little online accounting system now hampering your complete picture across finance, operations and sales?

  • Are you struggling with a legacy ERP system?

  • Is it time to gain a more thorough understanding of the Microsoft ERP landscape so your organisation is ready for future growth?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, then it's definitely time to talk to us about the Microsoft ERP offerings and how they can help your business to stay up to date and grow.


We know it can be confusing – even scary. It doesn't have to be. Download the eBook so you can navigate the future of ERP solutions.

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