Get Wiise - Cloud ERP for ANZ businesses

Get all the perks of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and expertise in banking, tax and compliance in New Zealand and Australia.

A localised Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the ANZ region 


Experience accelerated business growth with an award-winning cloud ERP solution, designed to streamline accounting and operations while providing real-time insights and local compliance, banking and tax excellence.


A single source of truth to streamline your business operations

Wiise enhances Microsoft Business Central by localising it to meet the specific banking, tax, and compliance standards of New Zealand and Australia - it's an all-encompassing business management solution. Even if your business is currently on Microsoft Dynamics, Wiise offers a distinctive advantage with its localised features, ensuring medium and large businesses in the region have access to a comprehensive suite of tools. From cutting-edge AI-powered reporting tools to real-time visibility into your warehouses and beyond, Wiise offers a range of features and integrations to streamline your business operations

Is your business struggling with disparate systems that don't scale?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you struggle to maintain a single source of truth for your business data?
  • Are informed decision-making and real-time analytics elusive in your current setup?
  • Is your business held back by systems that lack scalability and the adaptability of an evergreen solution?
  • Are you already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 but missing out on the benefits of a solution that's been localised for New Zealand and Australia?
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Replace fragmented systems with a unified software solution for managing sales, inventory, CRM, and payroll, providing an end-to-end view of your business. You'll have the Microsoft advantage, gaining access to every app in Microsoft AppSource, including Shopify and Square, and integrating your favourite Microsoft Office tools for enhanced decision-making. Wiise is an evergreen solution that ensures you stay ahead of the competition through continuous feature updates and platform upgrades.



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Seven ways Wiise can make a difference

Endeavour iconsEnd-to-end visibility
Ditch your fragmented systems. With Wiise, manage sales, orders, inventory, and customers in one unified platform, gaining a comprehensive, end-to-end view of your business for informed decision-making.

Endeavour icons (1)Localised version of Microsoft Business Central
This means tailored adherence to Australia’s and New Zealand's banking, tax, and compliance standards, offering businesses a uniquely customised and compliant ERP solution.

Endeavour icons (3)Secure and scalable
Wiise holds complete certification from BSI in compliance with globally recognised security standards, including ISO27001 for Information Security Management and ISO27017 for Cloud Security. Wiise's commitment to best-practice security standards is reinforced through regular audits, ensuring the ongoing protection of your data.

Endeavour icons (4)The Microsoft advantage
With Wiise, you can integrate within the entire Microsoft ecosystem. This affords your teams the familiarity and efficiency of utilising their preferred tools, from Outlook and Teams to Excel and beyond, creating a cohesive and streamlined workflow that enhances productivity and collaboration.

Endeavour icons (6)Real-time inventory management
No more stock visibility issues. Wiise provides real-time inventory updates across multiple locations, down to the bin level. Say goodbye to the guesswork and delays in monitoring stock levels.

Endeavour icons (7)Transparent cost management
Get a clear look at those hidden costs impacting your margins. Wiise enables you to see the true cost of goods sold, allowing you to price more competitively. Understand every aspect, from shipping fees to clearance costs, enhancing your cost transparency.

Endeavour icons (8)Efficient order fulfilment
Overcome challenges in delivering orders on time. Wiise provides you with the tools you need to deliver orders in full and on schedule - happy customers! Utilise real-time updates and automated processes to streamline order fulfilment and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Localised ERP built for every ANZ industry

Wiise brings accounting, operations, inventory, manufacturing, enhanced business reporting and intelligence, CRM and more into one system to streamline your day. 

Key product capabilities include:

  • Automated bank feeds and ePayments
  • Manufacturing, multi-level BOMs and assembly
  • Inland Revenue compliant payroll
  • Multi-company and consolidations
  • Warehousing, inventory, and landed costs
  • Job-costing and project accounting
  • Integrated CRM and sales
  • Better insights with dimensional tagging

From financing to warehousing to operations, Wiise is the ideal solution for managing your whole business.

Accounting - Detailed accounting and financial management.
Operations - Your payroll, accounting and operations in one place.
Inventory - Real-time view of your inventory.
Manufacturing - End-to-end manufacturing management seamlessly integrated.
Business reporting
Business reporting - Understand the state of your business to forecast accurately.
CRM - Manage all your contacts and sales opportunities in one place.


No time to grow?

Sustaining continual growth remains a persistent challenge for businesses. Frequently, the key obstacle is the absence of the appropriate business systems. This is a practical guide to taking a more systematic approach to enabling growth.

Download this guide and discover why having the right systems is key to business growth and success.

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Why choose Wiise

Trust in every byte
Wiise adheres to stringent auditing standards, ensuring the security and integrity of your business data. Your data finds a secure home in Microsoft Azure's data centres, which are not only certified against international security standards but are hosted on local Australian servers. With Wiise, trust is a fundamental aspect, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on what matters most — your business.

Flexibility tailored to you
Wiise understands that one size does not fit all. That's why they offer flexible subscription packages, finely tuned to accommodate all industries and business types. Their approach allows you to kickstart your journey with precisely the number of licenses you need. Need to scale up or down? No problem. Wiise means you can adapt, adding or removing licenses as your business evolves. This flexibility ensures that you are always in control, optimising costs and resources as your requirements change.

Software that grows with you
Wiise is not just a solution for today; it's your partner in long-term growth. Whether you're facing increased customer demand, expanding your workforce, or establishing new warehouses, Wiise is built to evolve with your business. The software is designed to accommodate the dynamic nature of your growth journey, providing the scalability and adaptability you need to navigate the challenges of tomorrow. With Wiise, your ERP solution is not a static tool; it's a dynamic asset that grows and evolves as you do.



How does ERP impact productivity in your business?

Wiise is a localised version of Microsoft Dynamics. This is a powerful combination. As ANZ businesses are already making significant strides with Microsoft Dynamics, imagine the possibilities that emerge when integrated with Wiise, propelling businesses to new heights of success.

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Wiise is safe, secure, with access anytime, anywhere

When it comes to security...
Switching to a cloud solution doesn't have to be daunting – especially when it comes to Wiise. They are committed to security and reliability, fully certified by BSI against international security standards ISO27001 Information Security Management and ISO27017 Cloud Security. Wiise is strategically built on an Australian-localised server. It finds its home on Microsoft Azure, renowned as the world's most secure server. With automated upgrades conducted during after-hours, Wiise has achieved a remarkable 99.5% uptime.

Anytime, anywhere access
Wiise redefines accessibility. All you need is an internet connection, and you can access Wiise anywhere and at any time. The flexibility extends to accommodating up to 300 users concurrently logging into the system. Enjoy the benefits of automated upgrades at no additional cost, eliminating the need for hefty investments in hardware or disaster recovery solutions. Wiise transforms the way you operate by allowing you to save financial documents directly in the system, attaching them to relevant transactions.

Future-proof your operations
Wiise secures the present and the future. The automated upgrades make sure your system stays current without burdening your budget. You'll transform into a more efficient and modern organisation, saving crucial financial documents directly within the system. No more limitations that come with a paper-based approach - with Wiise you're looking at a digital, secure, and accessible future for your business.


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