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Technological advancements and shifts in consumer buying patterns have introduced both challenges and opportunities for transportation and logistics businesses. The digital age continues to reshape the marketplace and transportation and logistics businesses must adapt and innovate to continue to survive, succeed and grow. In this new paradigm, two key imperatives have come to the forefront: data-driven cost reduction and accelerated delivery times. 

Businesses in this sector are now looking to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging advanced business management software solutions like MYOB Advanced ERP, specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of the transport and logistics industry. It empowers them to harness the full potential of data-driven insights, enhance their operational efficiency, and ultimately thrive in a fiercely competitive market. We believe that your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution should integrate with your Transport Management System (TMS) system and not try to replace it. At Endeavour we have the expertise to manage this complex process and can illustrate our success with our transport client base. This will allow your business to gain all the benefits and mobility of a fit for purpose cloud-based finance system.

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Navigating a challenging road: speed bumps in the transport and logistics industry

In the transport and logistics sector, every day brings new challenges, such as:

  •  The need for efficiency and improved margins to the intricate puzzle of managing routes and carriers
  • Keeping up with the demands of accuracy, speed, and flexibility
  • Constantly adapting to improve compliance, minimise costs, and maximise resources
  • The need to be precise and lightning-fast to meet deadlines and keep customers happy
Plus, the landscape is ever-changing, so you've got to be as adaptable as a GPS system rerouting around traffic jams. And when it comes to your finances, you're in a constant balancing act – you've got to watch every cent to stay competitive and profitable.

Maximising the use of your resources is like packing a trailer to the brim without overloading it. It's all about getting the most out of your vehicles, warehouses, and your teams. 

But perhaps the biggest challenge is having a reliable navigation system, much like a GPS, but for your business data. Data-driven insights are your guiding light, helping you trim costs and accelerate deliveries in today's fast-paced, ultra-competitive market. These challenges may seem like potholes on the road to success, but they're also opportunities to steer your transport and logistics business towards a brighter future.

As technology advances and the landscape of commerce evolves, the complexities and opportunities continue to grow. In a dynamic environment of competitive international markets and rapidly digitising omnichannel supply chains, data-driven insights have become essential. 


Saving a truckload of hassle

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Discover how MYOB Advanced and Endeavour helped freight, warehousing and logistics management company
Bascik Transport transform their financial management.

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It's time to ask the critical questions

Staying competitive is essential if businesses in the transport and logistics sector are going to not only survive, but thrive. In New Zealand, the industry is a critical enabler of economic activity. Road transportation is the primary mode of freight conveyance, constituting nearly 70% of the entire domestic freight transport. In Australia, the sector is an intrinsic part of the economy, and new technology is continually reshaping it.

So with that in mind, it's time to ask yourself:

  • Are we leveraging the latest technology to optimise our operations and enhance efficiency?
  • Do we have a clear understanding of our customers' changing expectations and are we adapting our services to meet their demands for speed, transparency, and cost-effectiveness?
  • Are our supply chain and route management systems agile enough to respond to unforeseen disruptions and adapt to shifting market dynamics?
  • Are we maximising the use of data-driven insights to make informed decisions, trim costs, and accelerate deliveries?
  • Is our team equipped with the necessary tools, training, and support to perform at their best?
  • Is our financial management robust and cost-effective, allowing us to remain competitive and profitable?
  • Are we continuously seeking innovative solutions and staying open to change in order to remain competitive and secure our place in the industry's future?

If you've answered "no" to any or all of the above, then not only will you struggle to keep up with customer demands, but you’ll be also waging a losing battle against competition that have recognised the need to innovate.


Steering towards operational excellence

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Sollys, a distinguished name in the NZ transport and logistics industry, partnered with Endeavour to deploy MYOB Advanced in place of an outdated legacy system. Find out what the effect of a streamlined and integrated system to manage their transportation and financial system requirements has had on the business.

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What's derailing your transport and logistics business?

Although the sector has - like all other industries on a global scale - had to adapt to the challenges of a post-pandemic world, many of the pain points faced by businesses in the industry are the same as before the advent of Covid-19. Do any of these sound familiar?

Increasing transportation costs
Rising fuel prices, maintenance expenses, and labour costs are squeezing profit margins for transport and logistics companies, necessitating cost-effective solutions.

Inconsistencies in tracking
Tracking goods across various routes and carriers can be a logistical nightmare, resulting in delays, misplacements, and customer dissatisfaction.

Limited visibility of shipments
Without real-time visibility into the supply chain, it's difficult to provide accurate delivery times and respond swiftly to unexpected disruptions.

Fragmented communication
Inefficient communication between various stakeholders in the logistics chain, including shippers, carriers, and customers, can lead to confusion and operational hiccups.

Outdated legacy systems
Many companies still rely on antiquated, inflexible legacy systems that hinder adaptability, integration, and data accessibility, leaving them ill-prepared for the digital demands of the industry.

Stay on the right road with cloud-based ERP 

As award-winning Partners and ERP specialists, Endeavour helps mid-sized New Zealand companies identify and solve their business information challenges. We’d love to discuss how we can help to 'join the dots' by empowering your business with quality, real-time information. 

Streamlining transport and logistics with MYOB Advanced

Here's how MYOB Advanced can be your ultimate ally in overcoming these hurdles and keeping your transport and logistics business on the right track:

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Real-time insights
You'll have a clear, real-time view of your business performance. The reports provide an easy-to-read overview of your operations, offering insights into the most efficient transport solutions. Say goodbye to the guesswork and optimise your routes and carrier choices with confidence.

Anywhere, anytime
You need to stay connected and in control, no matter where you are. MYOB Advanced offers secure access on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. This flexibility means you and your teams can work in the field, the office, and on the road.

Seamless integration
One of the most significant benefits of MYOB Advanced is its ability to integrate with your existing applications. You can bring your tools together in one unified platform, reducing the complexity of managing multiple systems.

Robust financial management
MYOB Advanced provides a comprehensive suite of financial management tools. Access flexible reporting and analysis through a powerful General Ledger with split-entry, multi-company, and multi-currency capabilities. Features like accounts receivable and accounts payable, automated bank feeds, cash and currency management, GST management, and automated inter-company accounting ensure your finances are in good hands.

Enhanced customer relationship management
Customer relationships are paramount. MYOB Advanced enhances your sales success by automating processes, increasing efficiency, and improving information flow. Integrate service and support activities with features such as reporting and dashboards, opportunity and pipeline management, a customer self-service portal, service and support automation, and business intelligence.

Automated marketing communications
Stay in touch with your customers and prospects through MYOB Advanced's automated marketing communications. Enhance your brand visibility and customer engagement, all while reducing manual effort.

How a modern cloud-based ERP can enhance your Transport Management System

Transport Management Systems (TMS) have long been the go-to solution for managing the demands of the industry. TMS tools excel at planning, tracking, and overseeing freight, inventory, fleet, and warehouse operations, though they typically feature limited legacy or manual financial integration. While TMS systems excel in these specialised functions, they lack the ability to provide a holistic, single-source overview across all aspects of a business. For transport and logistics companies, this reliance on disjointed systems leads to significant operational challenges.

The solution isn't to replace TMS with ERP systems but rather to integrate both. A modern, cloud-based ERP, like MYOB Advanced, offers real-time data accessibility, enabling operations across multiple locations and time zones. Mobile devices and cloud technology enhance inventory, fleet, and warehouse management, ensuring more efficient operations. Additionally, cloud ERPs allow for greater flexibility and scalability, accommodating changing business needs and fostering growth. They also bring improved data accuracy, enhanced financial management, and increased customer satisfaction. MYOB Advanced, born in the cloud, is a prime example, offering deep functionality tailored to the transport and logistics sector.

The transport and logistics industry requires purpose-built solutions to meet its unique demands. While TMS remains invaluable, modern cloud-based ERPs provide a critical edge with their real-time accessibility.


The Advantages of a TMS and ERP integration

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Discover how TMS and ERPs can work together to streamline and optimise operations for companies in the transport and logistics sector.

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