Bascik Transport
Freight, warehousing and logistics management

How Bascik Transport transformed their financial management with MYOB Advanced and Endeavour

Bascik Transport is a major freight, warehousing and logistics management company. With a head office in Christchurch, the business is designed to repeatedly warehouse and distribute large quantities of goods into and around the South Island. Intra-island freight movements form a large part of the company's operation. Bascik owns their own fleet of Auckland and South Island-based vehicles ensuring accurate tracking of their clients’ freight. They have a network of managed warehouses and freight depots, in Auckland and throughout the South Island.

A large business with approximately 300 employees as well as subcontractors, they are also frequent users of the Kiwi Rail freight network.

Out with the old - an unsupported financial system drove the need for a modern cloud-based ERP

Geoff Yates is Bascik's Chief Financial Officer. A recent addition to the Bascik team, Geoff's first task was to overhaul their existing financial system. "It had gone end-of-life a couple of years ago," says Geoff. "We needed something that would allow us to move easily from that to a new ERP system." The new system needed to be:

  • An easy-to-use, modern financial ERP
  • Cloud-based
  • Scalable
  • Industry standard

Moving with the times was Geoff's number one priority. He began searching for suitable products, and then for suppliers of those systems. "We wanted a solution that had good local support," Geoff recalls. "MYOB Advanced was one of five ERP solutions I considered, and Endeavour was one of two providers, of MYOB, I looked at."

Geoff says that Endeavour’s Christchurch location was a big plus, and that he was aware of their reputation as a highly successful ERP partner. "We had no intention of re-inventing the wheel," he explains. "The system needed to be fully supported and adaptable to new technology."

The new system needed to work out of the box. Geoff notes that from the outset, they were looking for the financial basics such as General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and Fixed Assets. "I wanted something that was standard within the industry," he says. "MYOB Advanced is an ERP system that’s familiar in the transport and logistics industry, I knew of several companies that were using it. We didn’t need something that was customised, but it did need to be configurable."

Driving innovation with MYOB Advanced and Endeavour

Having made the choice of the MYOB Advanced ERP system and Endeavour as their ERP implementation partner, Bascik kicked off the project in November 2022. "April 1 was the go-live goal," Geoff recalls. "Endeavour helped us map out the various milestones we had to achieve to get there on time."

There were very few problems during the implementation stage, and those that did occur were minor. "The Endeavour team are very experienced in working with clients and were aware of potential pitfalls," says Geoff. "The scoping from Endeavour was excellent. They had answers and solutions ready when points were raised."

Of major importance to Geoff was the seamless integration between Advanced and their third-party Transportation Management System (TMS) and IMS Payroll. "This involved data moving in both directions," Geoff explains. "The way Endeavour set it up, we were able to introduce new API’s to transfer data."

Although Advanced hasn't been in use for very long, Geoff says the team at Bascik are already realising benefits. "One of its main strengths is that it's so easy to use," he says. "The team are coping very well with it. We're producing debtors’ statements on time - from the first working day - closing off creditors and producing monthly financial statements on time."

In terms of Accounts Payable, Geoff says that Advanced has enabled them to better define their document flow approval process. For Accounts Receivable, the transfer of data from Advanced to TMS is seamless and instant. "Previously we had to run a routine to update data," Geoff recalls.

Bascik's partnership with Endeavour has been highly productive and positive. "Working with them has been excellent," says Geoff. "They took the time to understand our business, their scoping was spot on, and they were highly responsive when anything cropped up."

Looking ahead to data-driven, informed decision-making

Geoff says that because completion of phase one of the project has occurred so seamlessly, they're anticipating a move into phase two earlier than expected. Not only that, but Geoff has his eye on another benefit that Advanced could provide for the company - leveraging Advanced's capabilities for data-driven insights. "It's one of the main reasons I was brought on board," he says. "Bascik will use data to drive better decision-making, in its future."

If you're ready to ditch an outdated system and transform your financial management with MYOB Advanced and Endeavour as Bascik has done, then let's talk.

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