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How PIL streamlined their day-to-day operations with Endeavour and MYOB Advanced

PIL Group is a manufacturing and distribution company that has specialised in supplying and installing insulation across the country for nearly 30 years. Founded in New Zealand and operating today out of Ngāruawāhia, PIL works to equip new and existing residential buildings, as well as commercial properties, with glasswool and Polyester insulation. They are dedicated to ensuring energy-efficient and healthy buildings for Kiwis to live and work in.

PIL is a medium-sized company and has its sights set on growth. With a need to upgrade their financial management systems, they reached out to Endeavour, and together with our team of ERP specialists, made the move to MYOB Advanced.

Why the need to change ERP systems?

James Hutt - HeadshotJames Hutt is the Head of Finance at PIL Group. He explains that the business’s old ERP “wasn't implemented properly, it wasn't fit for purpose, and wasn't telling us anything that we actually thought was valuable”. Up to ten days each month were spent assembling financial reports, as their system was failing in its accuracy.

Inaccurate financial data and inefficiency weren’t the only issues caused by PIL’s legacy system. James recalls that there was no reporting capability implemented in their software and no way to schedule reports to be sent out to upper management and the stakeholders. This left the finance team to have to pick up the slack and manually send out reports that should have been taken care of automatically. It’s what the company expected, considering the large cost of their original ERP.

James explains that their goal was to “find something that is fit for our business, doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and that’s implemented correctly.” PIL Group had used multiple ERP systems during its time, each with its own host of issues and resulting in cost to the business. Something had to change.

PIL, Endeavour and MYOB Advanced – the perfect fit

After reaching out to our team and discussing options, MYOB Advanced was recommended for PIL, primarily due to its excellent integrated manufacturing system, ideal for PIL as a manufacturing and distribution company. MYOB Advanced offers:

  • Financial management and payroll
  • Customer relationship management
  • Specialised manufacturing modules
  • Marketing automation
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • And much, much more

As a powerful, cost-effective and highly customisable system that was built for scalability, MYOB Advanced was the solution that PIL needed to keep their business moving in the right direction. Selecting the best implementation partner was another key consideration for the company. James recalls the experience of partnering up with Endeavour, “They knew their craft and they quickly worked out our business as well, which was crucial. It was a great experience. They made it very easy.”

From start to finish, the entire migration took around six months. Since its implementation, the team has been adjusting well. With the efficient financial management capabilities of MYOB Advanced, upper management now has access to the precise, real-time information they need to focus less on problem-solving and more on growth. James now notes, “I don't need to report anything, because at the monthly meetings, we all know exactly what we've done.” Real-time reporting hasn’t only vastly improved financial operations within the business, it’s resolved the issue of customers sometimes falling through the cracks. The daily reporting functions of their new system have enabled their sales team to keep track of any issues that have arisen during the process of manufacturing or distribution and to reach out to customers to promptly offer a resolution.

Moving forward

With James’ previous experience with large ERP systems, he was able to assist the team in adjusting to MYOB without any major hiccups. While it’s been a big change for everyone, James informs us that their new system is great and perfectly fits their needs as a business.

PIL had spent a lot on previous systems in the past trying to obtain what they now have with MYOB Advanced and Endeavour. Equipped with an affordable, sophisticated and user-friendly ERP system, and a team of specialists who have been dedicated to making a difference in Kiwi businesses for over 30 years, PIL can focus fully on their future, and leave the automation to MYOB.

If you’d like to find out how MYOB Advanced and Endeavour can help you streamline your day-to-day operations, get in touch and we’ll have a chat about your requirements.

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