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Business Benefits

  • Calculating withholding tax deduction used to take three days – with the help of Greentree’s solution the process has been cut down to just 15 minutes.
  • Integration with online banking eliminates the need to re-key payment details and reduces manual processing time from two days to a couple of hours a week.
  • Referencing other Greentree clients in the film and TV industry was a highly useful and informative aspect of the evaluation process


Greentree Solution Saves Five Days A Month For Curious Film

A Greentree solution is driving efficiency at Curious Film, helping the commercial film company complete its withholding tax calculations in minutes rather than days.

Calculating withholding tax deductions is a time-consuming pain point for many film production companies, which commonly operate by hiring freelance crew. The Curious Film accounts department is no exception. Once production of a TV commercial was successfully completed, the team used to spend days crunching numbers using MYOB.

To streamline this process, Curious Film started looking for other accounting packages. When the company came across Greentree, it found what it was searching for. Previously, invoices from freelancers needed to be manually exported to Excel and re-constructed before reporting to the IRD, says Sarah Noonan, Curious Film Business Manager. This fairly labour-intensive process took about three days. By automating calculation, analysis and reporting, Greentree now takes care of the whole process in 15 minutes.

“This is by far the greatest value we get from Greentree,” says Sarah

Greentree has also helped the company shave time of its expenditure process. The accounts team is now able to upload Accounts Payable and Payroll payments to the bank interface directly. The process used to be entirely manual with staff spending two days each week entering all the details online. With Greentree, the task is done in a couple of hours.

With the Greentree solution, Curious Film is effectively saving around five days per month in administration time, freeing up staff to focus on more productive and creative tasks, Sarah says.

As part of the evaluation process, Greentree’s Business Partner Endeavour Solutions offered Curious Film the opportunity to call some of its existing customers to find out what their experience had been. Sarah called customers in the film and TV industry, who gave honest accounts of the implementation process and how they are using Greentree. Hearing from other organisations in the same industry about the value they are getting from Greentree was very helpful, she says.

The Endeavour Project Manager responsible for the Curious Film implementation was “brilliant”, she adds. “We are getting continuous support from the Greentree Business Partner Endeavour Solutions,” says Sarah.

The Greentree Business Partner Endeavour Solutions provided outstanding project management and consultancy during the implementation and continues to provide excellent support.


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