How equipment management software can help your business to streamline and grow


Equipment sales and rental businesses have a variety of moving parts and as a result, getting clear oversight can be a complicated and time-consuming process. To foster growth and remain competitive, equipment businesses need a singular point of reference that ensures visibility, precision, and speed across all departments.

Where is your business working and what needs attention?

      • Are you constantly battling to capture a clear overview of your business?
      • Is key asset data being lost between departments?
      • Is your asset management material up-to-date and accessible?

The complex processes of equipment distributors

Operational inefficiencies surrounding equipment management have historically been difficult to define as equipment-based businesses host a variety of operational elements that continuously need to be monitored; Sales, Parts, Rental, Service, and Finance to name a few.

Often these elements sit in different departments and correlating the data between each to gain true visibility can be a time-consuming process; not only are there generally different systems in place, but different processes in managing them.

ERPs can help bridge the gap between departmental information yet, not every ERP is designed to help with equipment management which can increase costs as you customise modules. Without a clear overview of your team, equipment, customers, and onsite issues your ability to deliver a project at a consistently high level of service is at risk.



How can Dysel make a difference?

Dysel works with Microsoft Business Central to bring modern business management options to the equipment industry

As a fully integrated offering to the Microsoft Business Central system, Dysel will help you manage and oversee asset information in your ERP suite. Forget multiple third-party application subscriptions, Dysel offers visibility, speed and precision in one affordable extension.

Keep your equipment at the centre of your business

As an equipment vendor your business is all about making sure your customers get the best out of the equipment that you provide them. Equipment, both yours and your customers’, is the central focus of Dysel.

An equipment unit might leave the business to be sold to a customer, but by using Dysel it will never leave your system. You will always know everything you need to know about that piece of equipment:

  • When you sold it and when the Warranty expires
  • When the next service is due and where in the service cycle it is
  • What components/options were delivered with the unit and what have been added since
  • Complete Service History

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Resolve operational inefficiencies

An equipment business has multiple operations, Sales, Parts, Rental, Service, and Finance. With Dysel, these operations share the same information so you only have to enter the data once.

Streamline employee and business workflows

With Dysel, every team can streamline their workflows and automate manual processes. For example, your Parts Team will never have to manually create purchase orders again and will have the capacity to handle urgent orders independent from stock orders. Your Service Team will be equipped to split invoices, and your Finance Team can measure your business performance quickly from a single window.


Simplify communication efforts

A singular point for data entry means communication across the business is simplified. Your Finance Team will be able to easily see where an entry came from, and drill down to the original source. Your Operations and Management teams will be notified of any processing delays that interrupt automated workflows and you will be able to see what is happening when in your business.

Work efficiently from anywhere

Built into the Microsoft Business Central cloud-platform, Dysel can help your team work efficiently from anywhere. For your Service team Dysel enables complete mobility. Technicians can work offline if they need and create work order quotes on-site; speeding up the process of work and payment for you and your clients.


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Gain visibility of your entire business

With one source of data for your whole organisation, Dysel gives a clear overview of what elements of your business are working and what need attention. Gain complete operational control and business oversight and improve the speed in which you make critical decisions. Dysel, in conjunction with Business Central empowers your team with the information they need to make not only their daily, but also their strategic decisions faster.


Dysel is built into Microsoft Business Central so it is scalable from a smaller equipment business to a multi-company, multi-branch environment. It's cloud-based platform means you will never have to worry about upgrades and your business's IT infrastructure. Dysel is designed to grow as your business does.



About Dysel

Equipment business management made easy. Dysel is a Microsoft Business Central integrated platform designed to align your people, processes, and assets. Founded in 1985, Dysel has been pioneering change across the equipment and asset management industry for almost 40 years.

A software built for dealers that sell, lease, rent and service equipment, Dysel will help you to take control and maximise value from your equipment business. Are you ready to target costs and make your equipment dealership more profitable?

Join the dots with Endeavour

As an award-winning Microsoft Partner, Endeavour can help asset and equipment businesses identify and solve their asset management problems. Our offering includes ERP, business planning and business intelligence solutions.

By implementing and supporting these solutions, we enable our clients to ‘join the dots’ in their businesses – helping them grow by empowering them with quality, real-time information. We have deep experience across our chosen solutions, and back it with responsive service.

Above all though, we make a personal commitment to our client’s success. We seek to develop strong and enduring relationships, built on a clear understanding of their business and honest communication.

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