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Vanguard Software is a predictive analytic system with industry leading Integrated Business Planning platform that leverages both predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. It’s collaborative, web-based platform unites roles, teams, and departments in achieving breakaway performance within their Supply Chain Planning, Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and S&OP processes.

Benchmark Tested, Market Proven

Vanguard Software introduced its first product for decision support analysis in 1995. Today, thousands of companies across every major industry and more than 60 countries rely on Vanguard forecasting and analytic solutions. This global presence stems from their commitment to technical innovation, customer support, and responsible management. From the most accurate forecast benchmarks on record to the first commercial Monte Carlo simulation grid, Vanguard Software remains at the vanguard of innovation.

We recognise that technology is only part of the solution. This is why we work in close partnership with your people to give your business the best outcomes. Read more


Vanguard IBP Cloud Platform

Vanguard IBP cloud is an integrated business planning (IBP) solution that unites all lines of business on a single platform. Vanguard IBP puts your entire enterprise in a real-time, collaborative workspace. Here, advanced analytics and advanced automation join forces to deliver streamlined precision in budgeting, planning and forecasting, plus the transparency and collaboration flow for unrivalled market agility.

It takes competent supply planning to get products to market at a profit. It takes optimal planning to out-deliver the competition. This means knowing when, where and how to replenish raw materials, schedule production, deploy sales resources, and balance both demand and supply and liquidity needs with capital investment. Watch our recorded webinar and software demo to learn the value of Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and how a unified cloud platform combines sales, operations and financial planning.

Global View

We define our commitment to global solutions through our investment in global capability. This includes a worldwide network of servers, extensive language support, and the ability of users on our cloud platform to cut seamlessly across currencies, languages, browsers, devices, unit measures, and reporting standards, all in one version and one account

Vanguard Software’s IBP cloud platform is available as both a cloud and on-premises solution, depending on your specific data integration requirements. Either way, your users enjoy the same, 100-percent browser-based experience.  Read more

Advance Analytics

Vanguard IBP for Supply Chain

This matches advanced analytics with a workflow design that fosters communication and tracks the inputs and actions of diverse users. This brings into shared view the often missed planning criteria such as promotions, cannibalizations, competitor actions, supply changes, and phase-outs. In essence, Vanguard IBP for Supply Chain brings together inputs from multiple teams to improve visibility and transparency and speed projects along. Read more

Vanguard IBP for Finance

With Vanguard IBP for Finance, all of your processes are automated and integrated into a single platform that handles budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial consolidation, reporting, visualisation, what-if testing, and risk analysis. Read more

Vanguard IBP for Sales

Vanguard IBP for Sales is a cloud-enabled platform that ensures your sales teams and their stakeholders are always updated, coordinated, and ready to pounce. Forecast preparation is fully automated. Accuracy is world-class. Reports are instantaneous and dynamic. Read more

Vanguard IBP for HR Management

Vanguard IBP puts HR management at the virtual hub of the enterprise for 360-degree coordination with diverse teams and departments. Vanguard IBP widens the gap between the well-coordinated enterprise, and those anxiously awaiting surprise. Read more

Vanguard IBP for IT Planning

Vanguard IBP for IT Planning is geared to help CIOs and other IT leaders gain the benefits that their peers already have. The platform automates budgeting and forecasting; and streamlines business processes for lighter workloads, lower labour expenses and faster reactions to changing priorities. Read more

Vanguard Advanced Analytics

Vanguard Advanced Analytics applies an exhaustive range of time-series and model-based methods to not only capture and extrapolate historical patterns but to simulate and compare innumerable outcomes from seemingly unprecedented events and circumstances. Read more

IBP Platform

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