A cloud-native, end-to-end supply chain planning platform

It’s a platform that enables breakaway Integrated Business Planning for global enterprises. AI-driven software delivers resilient supply chains through decision centric, unified, probabilistic, and collaborative planning.

Save time, reduce costs, and achieve certainty.

CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning introduced its first product for decision support analysis in 1995. Today, thousands of companies across every major industry and more than 60 countries rely on CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning forecasting and analytic solutions. This global presence stems from their commitment to technical innovation, customer support, and responsible management. From the most accurate forecast benchmarks on record to the first commercial Monte Carlo simulation grid, CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning remains at the vanguard of innovation.

We recognise that technology is only part of the solution. This is why we work in close partnership with your people to give your business the best outcomes.


The six Predictive Planning solutions to strengthen your supply chain


1: Be prepared for unexpected changes with Demand Planning

Unparalleled Certainty
Leading platform for demand adjustments due to promotions, new products, phase-outs, and seasonality. Advanced scenarios show end-to-end event impact.

Demand Sensing
Gain early insight into new patterns and close plan gaps. The cloud-based platform is designed for demand sensing for more accurate short-term forecasts.

Aligned departments
Easily identify inconsistencies that impact demand planning across sales, operations, and finance forecasts. Use reports to align plans and enable intelligent collaboration.

Flexible Product Planning
Diagnose products strengths and weaknesses to evaluate opportunities and maximise resources.

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Demand Planning using vanguard software

Optimise distribution and storage with Supply Planning


2: Optimise distribution and storage with Supply Planning

Capacity Planning
Utilise resources holistically to meet demand in the most efficient way possible with rough cut capacity planning.

Production Planning
Planning across multiple facilities is synced with the demand forecast in order to meet demand and avoid stockouts.

Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
Schedule production based on the most up-to-date demand forecast, unlimited constraints, and current business drivers.

MRP/Replenishment Planning
Unified data model across forecasts, plans, and schedules means the replenishment dashboard auto-updates when the demand forecast changes.

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Want to increase confidence in the accuracy of your sales and financial forecasting?

Nearly all popular ERP, BI and Performance Management systems offer “forecasting” functionality. But nearly all fall woefully short of delivering on forecasting’s full business potential.



3: Align sales forecasts with Sales & Operations Planning

Optimised Sales Forecasting
Leverage best-possible statistical forecast methods and real-time insights. Get better forecasts that help decrease waste while improving service levels, reputation, customer loyalty, and your bottom line.

Forecast Automation
Automatic analysis of historical sales data, incorporation of the trends, seasonality, and other patterns into baseline forecasts. Create forecasts for product launches, replacements, and phase-outs with minimal effort from planners.

Unified Planning
All plans are unified, ensuring real-time changes to the sales forecast appear in downstream plans, providing end-to-end visibility and alignment.

Sales Capacity Planning
Quantify individual and team performance, set goals based on statistical analyses of bookings, and schedule hiring to optimise capacity.

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Sales & Operations Planning software by vanguard



Predictive Planning for Inventory Optimisation

4: Predictive Planning for Inventory Optimisation

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimisation (MEIO)
Balance inventories across the entire distribution network, including interdependencies between echelons. Run what-if scenarios with different inventory strategies.

True Lead Time Calculation
Automatically calculate lead time variability based on historical lead time data from your ERP. Plan based on true lead time to optimise inventory in real-world scenarios.

BOM Support
Ability to handle complex environments, no matter how lengthy the list of parts or how difficult the logic.

Inventory Strategy Automation
Get rid of the time-consuming process associated with constant new product launches or evolutions that require inventory strategy re-assessment.

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Vanguard demand planning
Striking the right balance: How to deliver your wholesale goods without depleting working capital

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5: See the impact of any financial choice with Financial Planning

Advanced Analytics Forecasting
Over two dozen forecast methods, automated (and manual) method selection, and a powerful optimisation engine. Advanced analytic forecasting, modelling, and simulation are a snap for non-expert business users.

Cash Flow Forecasting
An enterprise planning tool that integrates your workflow and data systems to deliver fast, accurate cash flow forecasts.

Financial Consolidation
Automate the consolidation process so you can close the books quickly and accurately. Streamline compliance with even the most complex and rigorous reporting standards worldwide.

Budgeting & Planning
Whether you need to plan for workforce, capital, revenue, or expenditures, you can create discrete workflows to manage plan submissions, review, and approve.

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impact Financial Planning check using vanguard software


end-to-end supply chain management for Integrated Business Planning


6: Integrated Business Planning makes your end-to-end supply chain management more resilient

Unified IBP Platform
A unified data model that allows S&OP users to see real-time changes trickle down from the sales forecast to the supply chain and all the way to the cashflow statement and monetized forecast.

Configurable S&OP Workflows
With intuitive, easy-to-configure workflows, automating and implementing your pre-S&OP and S&OP business process is a snap. As your process matures, you can modify your workflows in a few clicks.

Probabilistic Financial Projections
With an integrated Monte Carlo simulation engine, leverage the value of probabilistic planning and risk management for the S&OP process, with a direct impact on financial projections.

Advanced Reporting & Visualisations
This capability enables end-users to create their own charts, reports, and dashboards. Additionally, S&OP best practice reports are pre-built to increase your return on investment.

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