Paul Gatchalian (2)

Paul Gatchalian

Business Development Manager

Paul is a skilled business development manager with an abundance of experience across multiple industries. Working his way up, he started his career as a pharmaceutical representative garnering multiple awards along the way. After which, he ventured on to security solutions and business solutions. Paul is experienced with an array of business solutions ranging from ERP, HCM, BI, and TRM.

He had the privilege of assisting companies and organisations in countries across South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe giving him rich international experience. Seeing best practices applied worldwide helps him guide clients to the best products for optimal return of investment.

He's also had experience assisting clients across various industries succeed with their preferred business solution, while retaining focus on what's best for their organisation, regardless of size.

Paul has a knack for understanding a business's critical processes and leverages his strong functional background in sales, marketing, and pricing functionality, to demonstrate how the appropriate business application can help them achieve their goals. 

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