4 reasons to Disminish the Bureaucracy Around Data Discovery

Sep 04, 2014
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right wrongDiscover how collaborative data governance enables organizations to effectively manage IT bureaucracy and drive superior data discovery.


There are many solutions that offer effective reporting and analytics. One of our partners, QlikView offers a great solution to many Excel challenges. Using a unique approach to business intelligence, QlikView connects directly to the data sources, providing access to all available data. This approach gives IT full governance over the data, ensuring that there is only one version of the truth, and eliminating the possibility for confusion that arises when there are multiple versions of the same data set. The program also uses colour coding to show the user what data is associated to a particular selection on the platform, as well as what is not. This natural data association method can reveal unanticipated insights, and help users navigate similarly to how their mind works.

Qlik Natural Analytics superior data discovery.

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In a recent study, Aberdeen isolates organizations that have data discovery tools and established data governance and IT. The collaborative governance of these organizations effectively manages IT bureaucracy and drives superior data discovery. See 4 reasons to Diminish the Bureaucracy around data discovery:

  • Get critical information in time to inform decisions: Organisations with collaboration data governance were able to obtain pertinent information within the decision window 75% of the time...read more
  • Keep users happy with the speed of information delivered: User collaborating with IT around governance are 83% more likely to be satisfied with the speed and timeliness of information ....read more
  • Keep users happy with their overall access to pertinent data: Collaborators are 59% more likely to have users that are satisfied with their access to the data needed to support decisions....read more
  • Assemble successful analytical projects: Collaboration data is 65% more likely than all others to have analytical projects begin with business cases....read more