4 Ways to Unlock BI Self-Service Success

Nov 04, 2016
Written by

More and more everyday users are discovering how much more accessible Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming. No longer restricted to the IT department, the latest self-service BI tools give ordinary business users easy and immediate access to valuable data that can be used to generate diagrams, charts and maps. These in turn, allow stakeholders to identify unexpected risks, visualise trends and recognise new opportunities.

But with all these valuable benefits, it can be easy to overlook one vital point: self-service BI solutions are incredibly useful tools – but they can’t do your thinking for you. If users want to successfully use these tools to display data or create presentations, they need to understand, evaluate and address the following key areas.



Intuitive, self-service BI solutions like Qlik Sense can put valuable data and analytics into the hands of people right across an organisation. With a leading solution like Qlik Sense at your fingertips, you can create personalised reports and dynamic presentations (as well as exploring vast amounts of data and discovering meaningful new insights).

However, using a self-service BI solution does require an adjustment in how you think about, work with and display data. You’ll also need to think differently about how you create presentations and reports to get your business story across. It might take some readjustment, but when you broaden your thinking and adapt your approach to self–service BI, you and your business will reap the rewards.