Our new CEO, Tim Ryley!

Mar 27, 2015
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We are delighted to congratulate Tim Ryley on his appointment to the role of CEO of Endeavour Solutions. Tim has been one of Endeavour’s Directors for over 15 years and is dedicated to taking the Endeavour team and clients to ever-greater heights. An astute businessman with a deep understanding of technology, Tim enjoys cutting through the jargon and helping clients to understand and enjoy the benefits of smart business software solutions. His real passion is embracing the challenge of turning technology into value in order to help Endeavour’s clients on their journey.

Tim’s not one to shy away from a challenge outside of the office either, as is evidenced by his willingness to play rugby at 46, get beaten up in a boxing ring, go biking up mountains and most recently, to master the art of foiling!

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And now, over to Tim…

Tim Ryley: CEO, Endeavour Solutions


With more than 50 staff, looking after 400 active businesses, I believe Endeavour is one of the most exciting companies in New Zealand, and I’m proud to be part of such a brilliant team of people.

The Best Clients

Much of our growth as a company stems from our ability to support some great, strategic clients, helping them to achieve their objectives by using technology smartly. You might say that we’re lucky to have such great clients, but it’s not all luck! Our focus is on finding those companies that want to achieve more by actively embracing technology. These are companies looking for more control inside their businesses: wanting to run them more efficiently, handle acquisitions and mergers, identify new markets, bring new products to market, and understand where their profitability actually comes from.

These are the forward-thinking companies that want to create better working environments for their people, putting data at their fingertips and giving them the tools to help them develop their full potential. It’s not a matter of processing transactions and writing reports, this is about using technology to deliver business benefits and value - and ultimately, to enable profitable growth. Because our clients aren’t standing still, they’re on a strategic journey and as their technology partners we have the privilege of going on those journeys with them. The key to making this happen, is the great people we have in the Endeavour team.

The Best People

One of the highlights of being CEO is being able to help our people to grow and develop their careers even further - and by doing so, to provide even more value and benefits to our clients. We need to continue finding great people for the team, and although that can be challenging in today’s market, we’ll continue working hard to get the best people in the business. At Endeavour, we’re also very focused on being the best when it comes to the products we’ve chosen to help our clients.

The Best Tools

One of our key partners is Greentree ERP, a New Zealand success story who - despite the market being dominated by multinational corporations – are experiencing international growth in Australasia, the UK and the USA. Greentree is an impressive ERP tool, and is perfect for our medium sized clients.

For our larger customers, adding Microsoft Dynamics AX to our product offering has enabled us to bring our ability to service their businesses, up to that same high standard our smaller clients have enjoyed for years. This Microsoft partnership will provide certainty for the future, both for our clients and for ourselves.
On the financial side, Sage provides us with a solid platform for a number of valued clients and continues to grow and develop according to their needs. Our BI practice has seen also seen strong growth, particularly in recent years and through our key partnership with Qlik (who are investing heavily in product development), and we see a strong future in this area as well.

With the best clients, the best people and the best tools on the market, I’m looking forward to taking Endeavour to the next phase and very excited about the road ahead for us and our clients.


Writen by: Tim Ryley, Chief Executive Officertim-ryley-170x152

A skillful business strategist with a deep understanding of technology. Tim leads the Endeavour team, driving strategic initiatives and engaging with clients to ensure they experience the full benefits of Endeavour’s business software solutions.