Business mobility is opening up ways to improve efficiency!

Dec 01, 2014
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Business Mobility

Back in the day, business mobility meant little more than having remote access to emails, the Internet and (if you were lucky) your database of contacts. But today, companies are discovering increasingly innovative ways for mobility to add real value to their business and to help them deliver a better service to their customers.

In the UK, Virgin Atlantic staff are testing how smart tech can improve efficiency and customer service by donning Google Glass to scan passports and supply flight information on the move. While over in the US, a well-known deli chain is using Google Glass to train staff and to gain valuable insights by recording the lunch rush “to learn how to improve service and meet customer needs.” But when it comes to business mobility, wearable devices are just the headline-grabbing tip of a much larger iceberg.

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Mobility Is Mainstream

It’s hard to remember a time when being out of the office meant being out of the loop. We’re so used to being connected 24/7, that we rarely give a thought to those powerful mini computers that make it possible. But in a relatively short period of time, Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices have changed the way we interact – at home and at work. With Smartphone ownership already sitting at over 85% for NZ professionals, skilled workers, managers and executives [Horizon Research Poll, Sep - Oct 2014], and the rapid growth in Tablet ownership - it’s no surprise that mobility has become a key focus in the business world.

Secure, Remote Data Access

Business mobility is opening up ever-new ways for businesses to improve efficiency and to engage with employees - wherever they are. Thanks to recent developments in mobile security and browser technology, the ability to interact with data remotely, securely and in real-time, is now within reach of more employees, on more devices, than ever before. HTML5 has made it much easier for software developers to create web-based apps that work seamlessly across multiple platforms. As a result, many remote workers are now enjoying the same levels of data interaction as their office-based colleagues.




Real-Time Collaboration

This increased interaction is largely possible because many of the BI and ERP names that you know and trust, have already enriched their offerings with powerful, web-based Tablet and Smartphone apps. From the office, to the warehouse, from the shop floor to roving sales teams and field service staff – remote access to live data and business insights is transforming the way we operate and encouraging greater levels of real-time collaboration. Today, within minutes of a remote worker entering data via their mobile device, their office-based colleagues can be sharing up-to-the-minute information and discoveries across the organisation and even back out to other remote workers, and to customers and partners.






Empowering Better Business

By enabling on-the-go collection, sharing and deep analysis of live data – business mobility provides valuable opportunities for companies of all sizes to improve productivity, operational speed, customer service and efficiency. Because when you make data truly mobile, it means that decision-making isn’t held up when stakeholders are out of the office; it means no wasted time searching for, or waiting to enter, data; it means quicker, more accurate answers to customer questions - and it means less downtime by empowering people to work how, when and wherever they are. Business mobility is here and it’s here to stay - and at Endeavour, we believe that’s great news for employees and businesses alike.