Endeavour / Ecce collaboration results in award-winning eCommerce solution

Dec 10, 2018
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When an Endeavour client wanted to develop an eCommerce site using MYOB Greentree, we teamed up with Ecce to deliver an outstanding result.

High specification kitchen drawers and accessories UK company, Daro, had a website with an under-performing eCommerce solution. As they had invested in MYOB Greentree, which manages all their accounts, customers, phone orders, stock control, invoicing and suppliers, they were interested in developing an eCommerce site that integrated that software.

Daro approached their ERP partner, Endeavour Solutions in London, about the possibility of developing an eCommerce platform that used Greentree. Endeavour suggested digital design agency Ecce. In collaboration with Endeavour, Ecce designed and developed a website which facilitated the Greentree integration. Ecce built this on top of their in-house ecommerce platform, Ensemble, providing secure access to the data held within Greentree. "Daro wanted to move more sales online," says Brant McNaughton, Managing Director of Ecce.

Greentree has its own set of APIs that allow any outside 3rd party to communicate directly with the Greentree database. What this does is allow the push-and-pull of data to and from the Greentree database. "We provided the API, and all its documentation, to Ecce media," says Endeavour’s Senior Business Systems Consultant Lindsay Sisson. "They worked with us to do the testing and making sure the data was being pulled and pushed properly."

"It was our first experience with Greentree, so we started from ground level," Brant from Ecce explains. "It was a considerable investment from our end; however what we've got now is a fully functioning eCommerce solution that we are able to offer to future clients."

The integrated system has delivered real efficiency gains for Daro. "Prior to developing the eCommerce platform with Greentree, they'd get an email," Lindsay explains. "The email would indicate a customer wanting to buy something, and they'd manually enter all the information about that sale."

The new website, facilitated by Greentree and Ensemble, automates key business activities. It removed the need for double entry, and has streamlining online operations, saving Daro hundreds of staffing hours.

Not only are Daro no longer having to input data manually, but coming direct from the website the data is in near real-time, of a higher quality and more accurate. It's also enhanced the experience for Daro's customers; the website is efficient and fast, and has been optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. "Ecce managed to do all that seamlessly, quickly, and overcame every hurdle we put in front of them,” says James Stone.

The previous version of the Daro website turned over a mere £7,500 per year. The stock was always out of date and orders had to be manually entered into accounts software. Within the first 3 months of launch, the new Daro website has increased that figure by some 2000%. Well exceeding Daro's initial investment of £35K for the project, and putting it on track to take in over £200,000 in its first year.

The project has been so successful, it's taken out some industry awards. Ecce was named winner of ‘B2B Site of the Year’ at the Wirehive 100 Awards which honour the best-in-class in digital, creative and technical talents. "We were up against some big agencies and brands, so to take home the trophy was an acknowledgement of the great work the team had put in. We're just a small company of eight people and we were up against some big names. So the team really did well with this one."

It was Ecce's first collaboration with Endeavour and the Greentree platform, but it won't be the last. With eCommerce on the rise, there's scope for future collaborations which both companies are looking forward to. "That's the general idea," says Brant. “I’ve been wanting to partner with Endeavour for a long time, and this first project with them has been really successful. It’s a connection with a lot of potential.”

"Looking ahead, we want to sell the benefits of what we've collectively created," Endeavour’s Lindsay agrees. "The relationship we've built means we can work together on many new projects. The partnership has worked really well. Any challenges that popped up, we met them together."

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