Endeavour is now a QlikView partner

Feb 03, 2011
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What does this mean?

We not only integrate Qlikview with Greentree, but provide for all end-user’s Business Intelligence reporting. We can provide fast graphically compelling, powerful and intuitive analysis that anyone from IT managers to CEOs to salespeople can use.

We can integrate data from multiple existing sources, from almost any database or application and use Qlikview to bring it all together. With QlikView your data analysis is fast, and the information provided is timely. We are able to provide one version of the truth to local pc’s, or out over the web to other devices.

Endeavour is now a QlikView OEM partner

Over the last 4 years Endeavour has delivered a variety of projects ranging from standard Greentree integration for inventory and job costing, to custom designed Key Performance Indicator dashboards. Our consultants have worked with a number of different systems and industries. We leverage this experience to deliver the appropriate solution for your needs.

Our Strengths are:

  • Demonstrated expertise in Information Management; including Data Integration and Business Intelligence Deployment.
  • Proven ability in delivering successful projects in both large and small environments
  • Strong business consulting experience for mid-sized corporate organisations (including Construction and Manufacturing).
  • Experienced and a professional team that is committed to customer success.

Our customers within various industries show our success and commitment in the products and services we offer.