What is ePIM going to do for me?

Feb 28, 2014
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ePIM (Endeavour Project Implementation Methodology) has been custom designed by industry experts specifically for Endeavour Solutions.  Prince2 and the Project Management Professional (PMP) methodologies, both international and highly acclaimed industry standards were used as the basis for ePIM.

Formal project management methodologies are employed across all project related industries, such as IT, Construction, R&D etc.  The core objective of a Project Management Methodology is to provide the framework and resources to reduce project risk and maximise repeatable project successes.

ePIM has a number of key attributes:

  1. Project Phases – projects move through different phases, each phase has a different objective and outcome.
  2. Formal milestones – the ‘gates’ through which a project moves form one phase to another.
  3. Control documentation – which describes how Endeavour will engage with you during the project, and includes the ability to measure, control and report on the three project constraints of Time, Cost and Quality.
  4. Configuration documentation – which describes in detail how we will use specific functionality to meet your business requirements.

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The Initiating Phase

The purpose of the phase is to understand your documented business requirements, to introduce you to the proposed solution, to provide some ballpark costings for the entire project, and a more specific estimate for the next stage. The milestone for the phase is sign off of a Solutions Proposal, and an agreement to allow Endeavour to start the Planning phase.

The Planning Phase

During the planning phase we will pull apart your business requirements one by one in order to ascertain exactly how we will meet that requirement.  We will spend time interviewing you and your key staff, and visiting warehouses/manufacturing plants to scope out the entire project. The key output from this phase is the Statement of Work, which contains your requirements, the gap analysis, the solution to your requirements and a detailed implementation plan. Sign off of this document allows us to proceed to the Execution phase.

The Execution Phase

This phase contains a number of smaller sub-phases and milestones:

The Installation Sub-Phase

  • We will install the application into your infrastructure environment (ie: on site, off site, cloud), and ensure that the application can communicate with external entities such as your printers, email server, web servers (if required) and workstations.

The Standing Data Sub-Phase (for ERP implementations)

  • We load your master data such as the Chart of Accounts, Customers, Suppliers etc
  • We ask you to spot check the loading of the data, and to sign off that it is correct before we move to the next stage

The Configuration Sub-Phase

  • We will configure the system as per the Statement of Work, including any reports and customisations.
  • Once completed, we will sit with the key users and will show them how transactions are entered, and flow through the system.  The objective here is to ensure there are no gaps in the solution design, and that the overall solution meets the documented requirements.
  • Once this process is completed (known as the Process Review), we can move to the next stage, confident that we have a robust solution.

The Training/UAT Sub-Phase

  • The training plan outlined in the Statement of Work will be delivered.
  • Once the training is completed, key business users are now required to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  This is a formal process requiring signed off UAT Plans.
  • We cannot go live until the UAT plan is completed.
  • The final milestone for this phase is to Go Live.

The Closure Phase

After Go Live we will provide project support for the timeframe specified in the Statement of Work.  At the end of this period we will perform a Post Implementation Review, and transition you over from the implementation project, to the care of our ongoing support team.

Written by:

Megan Cunningham-Adams  MPMINZ, MInstD