Get into ERP fast – step on the GaaS!

Apr 18, 2016
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Greentree’s latest launch has opened up the world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to businesses that need to scale fast, have never used ERP before – or who simply want to get their ERP journey off the ground quickly.

Go From Good To Great

ERP can be the key to taking your company from good to great. With the right ERP software solution, you’ll have complete oversight of your entire business, dramatically improving efficiency and minimising waste. No more crossovers or business blind spots. Just the ability to automate and integrate previously time-intensive and error-prone activities  – and to gather, store, manage, interrogate and share data across every part of your business.

If your business needs to move forward fast but is overwhelmed by upfront costs, the thought of new physical infrastructure or the array of solutions on offer – then Endeavour and Greentree may have the answer. At Endeavour, we only partner with the best business software solutions; market leaders with proven global track records.

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The global launch of GaaS provides a great opportunity for your business to start benefiting from ERP almost immediately. Delivering the entire ERP system in the Cloud with browser access and a pay-as-you-go model, GaaS delivers all the performance, power and functionality of Greentree4 software – but with no need for physical infrastructure or upfront costs. With the launch of GaaS, Greentree now provides three great deployment options: on-premise, cloud-hosted or as-a-service (GaaS).

On-premise is the most well-known option: a pay-once or subscription licensing model with the software physically hosted on a server either on your business site or one designated by your company. Greentree’s cloud-hosted option is also available via pay-once or subscription licensing but allows you to fully host your Greentree software in the Cloud (either private, publically hosted or in Greentree’s recommended hosting environment, AOD). New option GaaS, sits in the Cloud as well, within a personal, single-tenant environment. The difference is that GaaS is a fully bundled offering - with licensing, software, hosting and infrastructure all wrapped up in one monthly, user-based consumption model. So, with the power of GaaS, you only pay for what you use, and can increase or decrease users as required.

Choose Now, Change Later

Each deployment option has its merits and none of them stint on Greentree performance or functionality, so it’s simply a matter of selecting the one that best suits your company, your people, your budget, and your business needs. And that’s something the team at Endeavour can help you with. We’ll work closely with you to figure out whether Greentree ERP is right for your business, and if it is, which deployment model will work best for you right now – because, with Greentree, you’re never locked into one model, and can change to any other option as your business needs evolve.

Used by over 10,000 companies around the world and across a range of industries, Greentree ERP is one of the most powerful business intelligence solutions on the market. A large part of its widespread popularity is due to the software’s inherent scalability and ease of configuration – and now, with the addition of GaaS, we believe that many new companies will be attracted by the impressive flexibility if its deployment options as well.